About Us

GQ234 specializes itself in the online promotional and online magazine in aspect of upcoming urban releases in africa.

We established ourselves, within the online community, in order to offer musicians, record labels, and managers our continuous experience, skills, and expertise that we have in the digital realm of music marketing.

Our marketing campaigns use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.

8 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Babyito says:

    I wan my comedy videos to be posted here

  2. zuko says:

    good day plz i would love it if my animation video skit is place here on gq234….

    here is a link to one of my video

  3. zuko says:

    i will love it if my post is replied

  4. IROKO says:

    Pls boss, what does it take to upload my short comedy videos on your site? What are the terms and conditions? OR reach me via 08168788389.

    1. GQARTSASSIN says:

      send ur comedy video to [email protected]

  5. Dee says:

    pls I have a song and I want badly on this website

  6. Jerry says:

    Please what does it takes to upload short comedy skit here?

  7. Jerry d says:

    Please what does it takes to upload short comedy skit here????

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