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APC Rally!! Lagos Youths Shout “THIEF” At President Buhari (VIDEO)

A group of youths suspected to be loyal to Opposition, verbally attacked President Muhammadu Buhari on his arrival to Lagos earlier today for the APC Presidential Campaign Rally.

GQBUZZ has footage from the scene which showed some irate youths shouting ‘Ole’, ‘Thief’ at the President’s convoy.

Watch below;

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  1. This is a clear lie by the author of this propaganda. It was only one person shouting “ole” and the voice was resting and doesn’t match the background sound at all. Only a fool will believe this. The author himself must be a thief.

  2. Hydee is right is only one person shouting ole, mugu and if someone listen to the voice you will hear it’s the person that hold the phone…. Hmm. Nigerian people try and do your experiment well if u have to do practical. 😂

  3. He who call buhari thief is enemy of this country, check atikus record precise PMB is not a million compare to ole atiku haaa there’s God oo

  4. those people who are supporting buhari are those who want hunger snd poverty to continue in this country. Atiku is sound and dynamic enough to lead this country and make it work again

  5. Uptill now am still doubting that someone with his normal sense is still talking of voting for buhari, pls in what angel should anyone vote for him? Talk of his Health=ZERO, EDUCATION=ZERO, Thinking Faculty=Zero. Then A litre of fuel=145 Against #87 a bag of rice=18,500 against #7,500. Shame apc.

  6. Wow atikulated forever.I will never vote that FULLO man again.Pls PNB prepare for leaving Abuja and headed to Daura and be continue taking care of cows.

  7. As for me, lets vote wisely..corruption and hunger among citizens needs to be addressed. Pmb want to eradicate corruption totally but forgot that there are thief’s in his cabinet too. People are hungry, that is why the change need to be changed. Pmb not a thief in all senses but we can not continue like that all in the name of his personalities. Let’s all wake up and vote out APC then allow pmb to rest and keep his good deeds to himself.

  8. Those who are supporting atiku, are those that are wearing pant around the street and being fed by their parent twenty years ago. They don’t know anything about him. We can’t go back to Egypt. We will keep on moving forward until we get to our promise land. Nigerian can not afford PDP to draw us back again.

  9. It wasn’t only one voice I heard. No matter what he still have the right to campaign anywhere you have your PVC to do any changes you want. My pain is oshomole who have not been probe by this administration but no we answer my prayer one day .Edo money that is the hand of that man must be returned the government one day if pmb can just do this for me I will be very happy .thank you

  10. I pray those that are not having brain God should give them brain…. How on earth person will be supporting a man that currupt politician that is in his cabinet or in his party are saint… Anybody that is in APC is a saint… Even if atiku join APC today he is a saint… Abeg lazy youth Nigerian, let vote poverty out,cz I don’t knw corruption they are fighting that make things to cost… Fake people… Let try another person if he fail as well we will change him 2023… Aso rock is not a place someone can dead.. APC awon alaganbagebe

  11. What Nigeria need now is somebody who can make this country a better place for us and children to leave. Enough of this poverty nd killing by this present government of APC.

  12. Our best option is to vote for AAC Omoyele sowore, not atiku the come back THIEF..Nigerians let stand up and take our country back from this lifeless old people..Sowore 2019

  13. I can’t believe that some people are still discussing abt PMB.the man is gone,Nigerians wake up.we have 2 options, one tested and failed,the other one not tested,.let us test the second option.if he fails then we can change to another option come 2023.

  14. Thanks for Lagos youth i supported u 100% buhari can’t lead us into new Nigeria with fuel #145 which make every rasy in price let go for another man and see if he can’t do it change again God bless Nigeria

  15. If at all God allow Buhari to win, that means he want Osibanjo to take over after few weeks.if not so,Atiku will surely win.Wait and see everyone will reffer back to my right up.

  16. Pls don’t be use by so called politicians let your pvc speak for you and I believe true democrat will prevail in the end . Enough of this sufering.

  17. How on Earth will a reasonable somebody think of voting for PMB,see his health,the age,the way he speaks,… infact the old man don’t have anything to offer Nigerians he should go and rest.

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