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Comedy Video: Mc Lively – What Causes Pot Belly? So Hilarious

Is agidi you wee use to eat the economy away ūüėā but wait o.. Are they feeding that guy to kill for Salah? why will he pack plenty meat fish and eggs together to eat. download and see for yourself below DOWNLOAD¬†VIDEO¬†HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER¬†COMEDY¬†VIDEOS!

Comedy Video: Klintoncod – We All Hate This Moments After Church Service

watch another hilarious comedy video from klintoncod, if you go to church on sunday after you had a long service and you about to go home and they announce this lmao. download and share below DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER KLINTONCOD’S VIDEOS! DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS!

Comedy Video: Sirbalo Clinic – Double Wahala

This is a real double wahala for the dead body as Fela said, this is a misery i cant even understand too. download watch and share this hilarious video and kindly share your thought too. DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS!

Comedy Video: The Adventures Of Mr Patrick – SARS

This video addresses what is going on at the moment in the country with respect to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad’s (SARS) operations. I hope you all understand the underlying message. Mr Patrick is back like he never left and he is here with new adventures

Comedy Video: Splendid Cartoon ‚Äď Side Chick [Part 7]

Could it be that the wife has also being cheating before the break up? Who is responsible for her pregnancy? Find out in this hilarious skit. download watch and share below DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS!

Comedy video: Mc Lively Ft Tobi Bakre РCan You Marry Someone That’s Richer Than You?

Hello guys get in here this is for you.¬† Can You Marry Someone That‚Äôs Richer Than You?. watch Tobi Bakre’s Opinion about it before Mc Lively Interception. download watch and share below DOWNLOAD¬†VIDEO¬†HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS‚Äôs-Richer-Than-You-www.GQBuzz.com_.mp4

Comedy Video: Xploit – When Getting Bae Jealous Goes Wrong

what a hilarious video, when you to try to intimidate your bae that just left you but all goes wrong, he just couldn’t take it again. download and watch the funny video below DOWNLOAD¬†VIDEO¬†HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER XPLOIT COMEDY VIDEOS DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS

Comedy Video: Unbelievable Broda Shaggi Has HIV

Can you imagine, this boy @smo_lion is a too hinteligency oloun…so HIV means say i am a have a house in VI…Amen ooo because oyinbo say ” is a our own mouth that will we use to call temidire” TAINK YOUūüôŹ…. DOWNLOAD¬†VIDEO¬†HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER¬†BRODA SHAGGI‚ÄôS¬†VIDEOS!

Video: Watch As Psychic Pig Predicts World Cup Semi-Final

Meet the psychic pig who has a history of sniffing out a winner ‚Äď and is hoping to continue his unbroken record for this summer‚Äôs World Cup. Mystic Marcus has a 100 per cent track record of predicting sports results according to his owner Juliette

Comedy Video: Mr Patrick – Yahoo Plus

One of the greatest comedians of our times, Mr Patrick brings to life hidden truths about every day life, and is bound to keep you laughing. download watch and share below DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE! DOWNLOAD OTHER COMEDY VIDEOS