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BREAKING!! APC WINS Kwara Governorship Election [SEE RESULTS]

The All Progressives Congress, APC candidate in Kwara State has won in 15 Local Governments out of 16 in Kwara State which gives him an unassailable victory.

He polled 331,546 votes to emerge as the winner of the highly anticipated election.

His Peoples Democratic Party counterpart, Mr Abdulrazaq Atunwa, polled 114,754 votes to emerge as the runner-up in the election.

Below is a list of the Local Government Areas announced so far by INEC:


APC 11,399

PDP 3,728


APC 22,874

PDP 5,172


APC 16,155

PDP 7,339


APC 6,624

PDP 2,588


APC 18,985

PDP 5,490


APC 16,246

PDP 8,963


APC 26,805

PDP – 6,174

Oke Ero

APC 7,423

PDP 4,891

Ilorin South

APC 26,752

PDP 9,489

Ilorin East

APC 31,521

PDP 10,888


APC 23,734

PDP 7,445


APC 7,938

PDP 3,950


APC 14,829

PDP 3,386

Ilorin West

APC 55,287

PDP 25,583


APC 18,109

PDP 2,578

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  1. See how maigida finally ruin saraki politically.. 😏😏(selfishness and greediness)…apart from family stuff,if kwarans aren’t been neglected or abandoned.. all these might not have happened..God bless the new kwara ✊.

  2. O ga o. Saraki’s mistake started with the manner he became the Senate President. I think he became too ambitious at that level. After all, he was a senator before without being a Senate president. Also, he should not have left APC even With all the travails. I think he should have managed to survive in that party rather than allowing charlatans like Wike, Fayose, Dino, Tambuwal and their Father, Atiku to mislead him. I also learnt he is too arrogant at home. In any case, all these irrespective, offa robbery incident is enough reason for a people to revolt against any leader. Saraki should still thank the people anyway, anything that has a beginning must have an end. He should thankfully bow out.

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