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BREAKING!! Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Military Base In Yobe… Many Soldiers Killed [Details]

Soldiers were reportedly killed in Yobe state on Sunday December 2nd after Boko Haram members attacked and destroyed an armoured tank base of the Army at Buni Gari in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.

Vanguard reports that the insurgents stormed Buni Gari at about 5pm, shooting sporadically at the military base, and two soldiers were killed before the sect members set the military base on fire.

This attack comes few weeks after the sect members also attacked military base in Metele and others, reportedly killing over 100 soldiers.

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      • If I’m with you now I’ll kill you by any means, I promise…… Do you know my dad is part of them there…….. You bastard youll see….if you’re bold enough,show your real self son of a bitch….people like you do not suppose to live.

    • U re an idiot. Soldiers defending the lives and properties of their dear country died in the process and u ve the guts to mocked, insult, and called them names. U don’t ve heart.

      • Is it not obvious that our soldiers are been slaughter like goats? Please, let’s call a spade a spade. Whatever happens to Nigerian Soldiers happen to us too because they are our fathers, husbands and children. Just like Atiku said, “I am tired of sending Condolences to families” it is high time the Federal Government woke up to its slumber and besmirch Book Haram.

      • May God never forgive you for mocking Nigerian soldiers who laid their just to defend this country. I wish your entire family was among the dead soldiers or those families killed. BASTARD !.

    • This boy must be a Bokoharam member 4 him to be speaking like this. Agunwa Emmanuel you are one of the people we are suffering in Nigeria.
      Instead of giving a reasonable contribution, you were busy mocking the fallen heroes. These guys you’re mocking are millennium soldier, many of them are graduates.
      Sometimes lets try and reason like human beings. I don’t see any reason for this your joke, it was uncalled for.

      • My people , let face Truth in this country . government should call for referendum to determine the existence and unit of this country. This will stop further killing of innocent souls

  1. It’s high time we Nigerian youths stop applying for the Nigerian army recruitment form, so they move into killing the senior officers and Generals maybe then the government will take it serious because I think the life of a recruited soldier means nothing to them but it means a lot to their families and loved ones…..

    • I just thank my destiny I didn’t get the job then. I can never apply again. Bye bye to army work not even when Nigeria neglect and behave like they are doing you a favor.

    • guy you won’t blame the youth for buying the form, no jobs or food. So rather to steal or sit in your parents house doing nothing and being insulted by people. the government those not even treat their family’s well even after death, some of them are throw out from the barracks. And those who are married after their death the wife’s are now widows and the government don’t take care of them. I cry everyday because am a Nigeria. May their soul rest in peace. Sergent Isaac I pray for you death is not in your path, your daughter, family and friends pray and wait for your return

  2. Is the Nigeria president saying he cannot locate the hideout of this terrorist group and destroy it completely? I’m unhappy of the killings in Nigeria, the president should get up and do something else or there is foul play in this.

      • I wish it can be like that way too, m agree with you bernard, May God give Nigerians army, May he give them advance creativity n wisdom to fight against this goats Boko haram, wish God can rule this situation, it’s doesn’t matters who’s wrong, n who was, for the sake of young people’s life.

  3. What kind of stupid,weak,and sluggish government is this?? What is Mr President doing? I’m sure his not blind because this shows that he isn’t doing his best.. Several attacks in just one month killing our gallant soldiers due to lack of speed in handling this insurgents once and for all. The government, Mr President to be precise is not doing his best.

    • Mr President listing to me today your son or daughter may not be hurt because this but our brother will do their best to help country(your home) continue play with live of other people but one day on one will fight again and your children or grand children will so kill or will be homeless… FOOL @ 70

  4. This is too dismal. There is actually foul play here, imagine recording two successful deadly attack within the space of 30days by the Bokoharam sect.
    I pity the young ones that will rush to pick army recruitment to go and die like a fowl.
    Always playing politics with everything, even when lives is stacked.

  5. Innocent men leaving their family too defend their country at the end their life mean nothing too the God what can country is this.heartless people on power.

  6. What do you expect from a clone president a jubril or whatever his action towards this country shows that this man is from sudan

  7. The hatred some Nigerians are showing towards President Buhari is going beyond boarders; what remains now is for them to start blaming him on the frequent attacks on civilians in the U.S.

  8. What kind of government is this? They keep Recruiting people to come and die for them…. Mean while, their children are outside of the country enjoying thier lives and future, if not that we youth are not thinking deeply….on top of how much, still yet obtaining army recruitment form….if you like collect the rri78 recruitment form, is up to you…. I regret of been part of Nigeria by citizen, am not proud of this country at all… People are dying like a chicken ? and they have their children out of the country with good proffesion, Niger shaaaaa…. If you like, go collect Nigerian army form

  9. The nigerian army is recieving the reward of been used to rig election in ekiti osun and kwara. The NA must remain inferior to BH, until burutai tells buhari to stop using him and his boys out of their main constitutional resposiblity of protecting the nation from imsurraction and aggrassion . The must suffer casualties im the hands of BH becuase of this sin.

  10. Nigerian government must take serious action on boko haram they killed thousands of people among them there are more soldiers.

  11. Nigeria Soldiers re only strong for unarmed civilians and citizens of Nigeria, if everyone can have his or her own armnition every Nigeria soldiers will run out of Nigeria one by one nonsense and useless government mumugoverment.

  12. nonsense……. .nigeria is on fire and the president is busy travelling up and down, now he is in Poland, this buhari led administration just come to dey chop n steal, he no even send Wetin dey go on for the country. Make pdp take over sef make people rest joor

  13. I can’t believe an army i last saw 3weeka ago in Yobe state Orientation camp died in that attack too??.
    Nigeria is just a fucked up country i swear!

  14. If every youth with digital brain thinking for the betterment of Nigeria really love the country so called Nigeria, then we should stop now to vote all this old analog brain thinking fools that called themselves political godfathers and gurus…because their thinking for the country is to sacrifice the youth for their own greed. Let us stand up and bring back the glory of the nation, if not we’ll all die before our time if we don’t start acting now……..It is necessary to stop high robbery and kidnapping in Nigeria, looting and non-infrastructure must stop……please youth, we alone can bring the great Nigeria back to world standard among first 10 in the globe.

  15. The Nigerian government should will take accurate solution about the boko haram issues before to spoil our country . I pray to almighty Allah may help our country Nigeria

  16. The govt. is the one that cuase the dowmfall of the Army. And the army is now very politicize, it very unfortunate that a govt like this (buhari) will stay and fear no military intervention. The ills of this very regime is far more of what causes the past military interventions in our history. Burutai is a politician. He is a ten percenter whose duty is to correct his shares and block the junior officers from striking out an evil regime.

  17. Before we see the end of this so called boko haram untill from Buratai to his last officer those that say the have future and soldiers dont have remove their hands in this boko haram issue if not we will not have peace in this country. Their hand leg head everything is inside the boko haram thats why we are suffering just because of money nigerian army sale their dignity because of money. if they did not retired all the so call generals we will continue to suffer.

  18. in fact let us begin to tell our self’s the truth; how can group of that is not up to one million face Nigerian army /navy /Air Force which means all our service chiefs are incompetent; if all service chiefs and Mr President decide to flush that Boko Haram it won’t take them two weeks that place will be Carm and cool please for me to add this let my brothers not pick offence Hausa’s in general if they want to flush Boko Haram it won’t take them one month is a pity people ruling us are the once giving Nigeria bad name what a shame.

  19. Nigeria is a mess and it’s leadership from nass to Executive and Judiciary are incompetent set of analog old fools. See how our army are dying like flies but this same army and security operatives would be so strong and active against unarmed civilians. I hope this is not payback. Wicked generals sacrificing the lives of the younger soldiers for self gains. I pity anybody that will want to join the army considering how they’re bn slaughtered. Smh.

  20. If federal government not do something book haram go finished our Army. An I have question on this is boko haram have power more than Nigerian government?

  21. Boko haram is an institution/organization brought as an avenue through which some certain northan element can campaign and win future election. Anything that truth, lacks glory, the nigerian under buhari suffers more casualties, this is becuase the army now deeped into partisan politics, our army is now Apc.

  22. The killing of innocent soldiers in nigeria continue because the killers are well protected. We only seek for GOD to intervene .

  23. Oh!God why all this happening to Nigeria I don’t know the kind of so called leaders we have, look at soul been terminated every blessed day, then what is are our leaders doing this reason why Lord lugard made a statement in 1926, that Nigeria lack leadership trait. With what seeing I believe this statement is true. Cause they arenot performing their duties well. For this to settle , they have to sort all this things out before he gets too late.

  24. Boko haram una well done, NA are useless, the only know how to intimidate bloody civilians. I don’t have sympathy anybody, after all u are doing ur job. Nobody force u to join NA

  25. Is the senior officer supponse to lead the team, is them supposed to be at the war front while the junior officer follow for back. Bcos they have more experience than the junior once.. Is them that is training d junior once, they know all d strategies to kill people

  26. For my village our so call sarki is using them to deal with us, how l wish Cameroon will claim us again, he invited the Fulani and he refuse us to use our bike to bring in our farm produce home.

  27. Those cabals using the Army vs Boko Haram face off to enrich themselves never forget the law of karma
    You know yourselves in the government and also in the military
    You have been wasting the lives of our soldiers because of your greed ensuring that this insurgency never never ends so you can still be making more money for yourselves at the expense of the lives of our gallant soldiers
    Remember that evil will always catch up with you it’s just a matter of time
    God Almighty is a God of Justice and He will find you all out and plague you without cure without remedy
    You own sorrows are coming closer to you and your families and you cannot escape them

  28. Nigeria army should declared total war on this so call deadly terrorist before it getting tougher to the length…all the army general should focus to north…..launched massive air strike to their region.. sambisa..enough of all diz blood shed Or chief of defense should resigned….

  29. Now I see that all the rigorous fitness and combat trainings the Nigerian Army go through are designed to be applied on civilians and unarmed protesting groups. Look at what happens when they meet someone their own size. Pathetic. RIP to the dead.

  30. This country is not working on every side. Where are d BokoHaram smuggling d weapons from? What is d Custom doing?… See ehn, this bokoharam have men in the army and among the politicians. And it will shock u that they are those politicians dat will always be shouting, “let’s kill bokoharam”! And those Generals dat go and shed crocodile tears during army mass burial.
    These secret bokoharam generals and politicians hv recruited even soldiers dat turn against innocent civilians and fellow soldiers. They fund d armoury of d insurgents n command d innocent soldiers to take inferior and outdated weapons to the battle fields. Sorry to say, I won’t dispute d 1st comment that said NA is bokoharam n bokoharam is NA… Pls dont quote me wrong.
    How can a sect overpower a full government dat has every resources…?
    Bokoharam is disturbing just 1 or 2 states out of 36 states and yet dey have more powerful weapons more dan d government of dis rich nation?
    Abeg, d matter long pass talk.
    Correct me wer am wrong and pls no insulting me.

  31. Wht can of wicked generation we ar into haba killing killing every where .no sympathy anymore bokoharam God will intervent who so ever that is after all this.blood of Jesus take over all this country. Set us freee.

  32. Is this not too shameful to us, Telling the world that a terrorist group keep invading into our military Base killing them like chicken ? That means we the civilians are absolutely helpless.??

  33. I think oga ontop from soldier are not been sincere enough, maybe because they are not on battle field or because they are gaining something from this war as I know Nigeria has every thing to end this bokoharam.

  34. This killing by the insurgents is getting out of proportion. What is really the problem that the terrorists are gaining upper hand than the regular army? All these chiefs especially the army chief, what is wrong? Is it equipment? Is morale or logistics? Think fast before the entire army will be wiped out. I remember Nigerian army did very well in Liberia, Sierra Leon and in Dafur region but is now in our country the army seem not to defend itself from the hard punches of boko Haram. Is a shame on the part of our so call leaders. God save Nigeria, God grant us success in this fight.

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