BREAKING! Davido Advises Fans Not To Vote For PDP… Just Few More Days To Election [See His Tweet]

2019 Election: I Never Said Vote PDP, Davido Replied A Fan

Davido replied a fan on twitter that he never asked anyone to vote PDP when told that Buhari has done better than PDP 16 years.

This is coming after Vice President Prof Osinbajo chose Davido over Wizkid, when asked on the Murphy Ijemba Show of Max FM.

VP Osibanjo Chooses Davido Over Wizkid When Asked His Favourite Artist

See below;

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    • Davido s a Nigerian n dis s democratic era which means freedom of speech so he s ryt to express wat he more over wetin socall Pdp did for d pass 16yrz

  1. I will like to advise Davido that place continue with your music level and mantain it……just politics alone because you can’t do things at the same time

  2. Davido why!!!

    Who bewitched you to this level???

    Remember if Buhari continue as the president of this country, your what have money to eat talk more of buying your CDS…

    • Absolutely he did very well in highjacking our freedom of speech,in destroying lives and properties in the middle belt for the sake of cow and his fellow Fulani’s,he did very well no argument in infusing religious sentiment into leadership in using party sentiment to arrest the opposition,by commissioning Jonathan’s projects as his Archiement let me just stop here
      But why even not for the reasons above have you not suffered enough
      Ask Davido why he sang suffer no dey tier you na for people like you that enjoy suffering me re don do me….

  3. You all should get your news straight cause Davido said he is voting for PDP and you people saying he should focus on his music should really think well because this is also his country and he has every right to be involved just like everyone else.

  4. Some people can be so stupid, upon confirming the truth /seeing the hardship in the country and happening, some illiterate ones are still in their blindness saying jubril is working for them. That person is mad. We are tired of this country everybody should go his own way

  5. Pls be4 u make any comments ,just check d number of d persons who comments on dat person u are supporting ,not to bring embarrassment to urself pls ,bcs we not blind ,and we. no d educated person dat knows what we csll encomy ,not cow reaara ok ? ,A ward is enough for wise pe

  6. Theoretically and practically it has proven and remain status quo that any government trying to rebuild the economy of a collapsed country economy, people must feel some negative impact. If not what were we doing when the then government was sharing our foreign reserve of $45bn even gave #9bn to OPC to the extent allocation s and salaries of workers had to be borrowed from Paris club just to say a few. Now, PMB has reinstate the emptied foreign reserve
    back to about $47bn within 4years and stabilized the economy to certain level then infrastructure also ongoing. Then tell us who want to now want to perform a magic without all these process…so Atiku I advice you go for the governorship position in your state first…byeee

  7. Davido as much as I love you plz keep your self out from this. do you want to spoil ur name and career just don’t side and body be on neutral Ground

  8. Four days for us to decide who will lead this country. Don’t stress yourself and stop this argument….. Let wait and see. Atikulated100%

  9. You see the problem here is that our bloggers are so cunning, foolish and selfish at the same time. They use a different headline, something that is not entirely true and then write a completely different story all together. Their headlines do not tally with there news ie main story..

    In that post Davido did not advice anybody not to vote for pdp in particular, he was only saying we should vote for our preferred candidate irrespective of party whether PDP or APC.. The fan commented on davido’s post where he listed people he was supporting, Davido was trying to say we should support our candidates not party.. He’s voting for his people, no matter the party they joined, that’s the message he’s trying to pass along..

    And one foolish blogger in the name of #Lawal is falsifying headlines, reading unjust meaning into a simple comment just to attract comments and attention..

    Please get the story straight people,, those calling davido names are senseless, many of you are commenting based on Headline, una no even understand the story,, did u people even read it at all ?? At least apply common sense, and notice that the whole story is entirely different from the headline the poster used..

    And for our bloggers, I don’t know how fake news will help this country, please this has to stop, I do not see this kind of rubbish in Linda ikeji’s blog, perhaps that’s why she’s most preferred blogger in Nigeria, you upcoming bloggers should learn from her.. You’re misleading many with ur false headlines, please it really has to stop at least for the sake of our senseless uneducated nd educated illiterates in Nigeria who cannot just apply common sense and understand something the way it is..


  10. They say he’s a thief…they say he’s back again to steal more and we all should be worried and not vote for him ..Well i say he’s a man whose well ATIKULTATED in he’s DECISIONS,,CALCULTIONS and FORMATIONS . ..but I say unto you my dear brethren..the THIEF I know is better than the “ONE” I don’t know…cox na my “ROBINHOOD” him be.

  11. This voting can b seen as a vote to choose btw a self acclaimed righteous Pharisee and a sinner, btw promised and failed and promised and seeking, btw dependant and independent, btw apathy and sympathy, btw autocrat and Democrat, medicine and cure, btw a figure head and a Head, btw an amnesian grandfather and a weak father, btw a canoe and a speed boat, btw camouflaged and stained, btw suffocation and hunger, btw economy and security, btw APC and PDP. Open ur head and vote wisely.

  12. It will be never easy for any of them to win Easley just as some people think. Everything is just in hand of God…But b4 you vote please think wisdom from God… thanks

  13. Some persons could be so annoying. You address people as illiterates and they typed their lines without insulting anyone. If you are affected, please grow

  14. Hmmm but why all nigeria are very fool who say all youth we are lazy without providing works an you still want to give him your vote (that is number one)#2# you people know that this man is old enough hmmmm there is no brain for him again all what is doing they are teaching him hmmm #3#before that man be Nigerian president our economy is good let see naw is gating worst an you still won’t to give your stress to him pls if you like to suffer look unborn beby i use GOD to beg you let see another person for the better of nigeria is between me an you so let change for change

  15. #Atiku is our Robinhood… Don’t troway ur votes… Davido no let them twist ur mind… I saw u in portharcourt doing well for PDP… Don’t let apc stain u that’s what they are doing.. They try to influence u wit their poverty eronious doctrine… U don #atikulate since

  16. I pity a lot of Nigerian bcoz na only PDP can spend money that will boost this economy home and abroad… They hold the 🔑 of riches.. While apc sees riches as something of a particular time frame.. wrong …

  17. As for me and for well thinking one, buhari is more preferably than atiku, he spent 4 years and 2 yrs For sickness and other 2yrs for project and well doing. Nigeria we want miracle and is not possible country dat has destroy years ago and want buhari to do it once no it can’t is gradual process let’s allow him more and see wat we happen. Davido can belong to any like party or support this is franchise, he has the constitutional right to vote and b voted for. Thanks

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