BREAKING!! Federal Government Releases New MINIMUM WAGE And Its Ridiculous

The Federal Government has come to the conclusion that it can not afford more than N25,000 per month as the new minimum wage.

The organized labor and Organized Private Sector (OPS) have refused to accept the figures tendered by the Federal Government and are insisting on N30,000 minimum wage per month.

The Federal Government has earlier presented N21, 700 per month as new minimum wage to the other social partners when the tripartite committee resumed sitting on Thursday, October 4th.

But not happy with what the Federal Government had presented despite the high cost of living in the country at the moment, the organized labor and Organized Private Sector (OPS), reportedly reached an accord, increasing their earlier figure to N40,000 from N25, 000

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  1. Make una collect I beg. At all at all na him bad pass. I no gree, I no gree na him dey tear pant ooo. Make baba no change him mind!!!

  2. Make una collect I beg. At all at all na him bad pass. I no gree, I no gree na him dey tear pant ooo. Make baba no change him mind!!! How una reason my matter????

  3. Labour you guys should not agree on that penny because the one they due eat is 0ne million times that. Make una hold on your decision ok

  4. #25,000 is too small for a man, his wife and kids compared to the high cost of living in the country at the moment. The government should be more considerate.

  5. Very surprise,look at the change we voted with our Natural Hand emarging they now trying to make NIGERIANS unhappy, life in current Nigeria were found very expensive how #25000 be enough to take all the responsibility of ur family despite ur each house of reps the 2 chamber are collecting thousand of of small workers per month? Buhari make me and rest in surprise

  6. 36,000,000 million naira did not cripple Nigeria economy it is the welfare of workers that will cripple the economy of Nigeria. GOD IN HEAVEN.

  7. Selfishness, greed & mass curuption are the reason why Government cannot pay workers not even #30k per month wh is equivalent to Just #1000k per day. How many years do one saves to have a 2 bedroom flat or buy a car? Whereas their children can afford #55million power bike for racing.

  8. Nobi dis Nigeria government wet no get money to pay workers beta money de rain dollars for port Harcourt if them like make increase if them like make them red REMEMBER ON THE LAST DAY WE SHALL GIVE ACCOUNT TO OUR OWN we de survive sins without incrimet and we go still cont to surv

  9. If Buhari is indeed fighting corruption. No political Office holder must go Abroad for treatment. Their children must school in Nigerian public school. Each must no own NOT more than maximum of 3 cars.
    And anybody guilty of corrupt practices must be jailed without dragging the case. Then, we will know they are serious.

  10. I hope the federal government know how much school fees cost per year. And feeding cost per day. I feel sorry for this country. They can spend much enriching their selves spend more on what will profit them but not on the common man.

  11. NLC Pls don’t accept that amount, if they can give above two million Naira to delegate to buy elections, they can also pay 40k or we resume our strike. But we should not say BUHARI Govt has failed he inherited the current minimum wage.

  12. 25k is nothing in Nigeria again, NLC must commence another strike and the agreement must be between 35k to 40k at least… Federal government is paying 18k and Lagos state is paying 12,500naira presently, now if federal government approves 25k, how much do you want Lagos state to pay… My own calculus is federal should pay like 40k and Lagos state or any other state should pay 30 or 35k simple…

  13. Imagine a country nigeria,a place where the masses interest is not considered a priority in the leaders agender,a country were the so claim lawmakers looted money in the name of allowances and the loyal workers are struggling to end a living with a pi-not take home allowances called sallary.even when the workers express their bitterness about their pour called sallary,the government are still giving it a daff ear.An evil place on Earth to be called a citizen:Nigeria.

  14. The more confidence Nigerian put in APC Buhari in 2015, the greater our disappointed. Trust no politician, human confidence is vanity.
    We got road worthiness, yet road is not worthy of out cars.
    We pay PHCN bills only to reap darkness.
    Fighting against corruption INDEED….

  15. What can 25k do or buy in Nigeria. They should come up with a reasonable figure please. God will help the poor masses in Nigeria.

  16. If government can implement it down to the grassroots and monitor it down to all segment or all categories of workers it is manageable and acceptable.

  17. Of course BUHARI inherited the current minimum wage but life was not as costly as this time,and by the way, he promised to improve the living standard of Nigerians.hold ur PVCs simple!

  18. all dis barayi in both houses are d killers of common man of dis nation n they nw want to come to power by force, person like atiku God will not allowed that pls Baba Buhari increase it to #35 or #40 we no u can do more than that

  19. 30,000 naira can not cripple Nigeria economy if we compare to the cost if living in this country. For example, people living in a room and parlour or in a two bedroom flat how do want them to pay their house rent with 30,000 naira? Or people having two to three children how do u want them to pay their children school fees with 30,000 naira? Federal government should please and meet up with the labour demand. We know that is not easy, but they should consider the masses especially the ordinary lay man. I mean uneducated people.

  20. Why are we complaining? We quickly for got when we were calling for the head of previous leaders? Calling them all sort of names. Clewless, irresponsible, heartless, unfocused this- that?. Please, stop that ranting! You all should “FACE’ the reality and prepared for coming elections please!

  21. And I hope; every body is to vote and defend it, not just collected pea nut and later started complaining. Votes, protect with all your life if possible.

  22. I blame those labour leaders more who insisted on an increase under Goodluck Jonathan and now they are cowardly scared to fight it out under Buhari

  23. Senators , president, commissioners, ministers etc are earning millions all in the name of allowance.
    I will accept 25000 minimum wage if common man is also entitled to allowances

  24. Nigeria’s Economy will not cripple with a senator that is earning 36 million à month, house of representatives with 26 million, even ordinary counsellor goes home with 750000 à month, not to talk of President and governors. Approve that money for labour juo .

  25. This government and take the price of fuel to #45 n their complaining about 30k minimum wages. This is most corrupt govt I ever seen. APC have nothing to offer. They are just a hungry men. Who venture into our oil want to finish all we have labour for. Imagine he made his self petroleum minister. God pass una all.

  26. This so called APC have nothing to offer you can increase fuel prices and snake can also eat 36million,counselor can also collect 750000 per month,let the strike continue

  27. This is my country, our country! ideally everyone should be treated equally but since that is not the case today at least the federal government should at least pay what will help the workers live a comfortable life (even if its not to “their” extent)
    Make them pity for Us.

  28. We should have it in mind that one day all of us are going to face judgement to give account of your good or bad things we have done during our life time.

  29. I can not imaging that govt which masses voted for and are now telling us has no money while they change their mode of living God forbids

  30. You see 25k is not the problem but cause of living in country of much is a plate of food or the cause of cooking it,your house rate, your 2 kids school fees per term, their wears and your wife. Please and please baba you and your government should do something about this minimum wage to make the people and citizens of this great country proud and the world too for Nigerians are sorrowing and you promised to liberate them from poverty and give them a good life but what are we seeing, more hardship,poverty,corroption.

  31. If a senator can take 39,000000per month and our country still pay them all for how many years till date, so why is it too hard to pay nigerian worker just 56,000. My fellow Nigerians I don’t know who is fooling who here. But I think these baba Regime is fooling themselves in the name of change. Change my foot. Let’s see how next year will be just make ur pvc available. He use fighting of corruption to deceive us and we are suffering. I could remember vividly in 2012 things are not had like these now and he said is a corrupt government and we are living fine. If you want to fight corruption start it with people around you first. How can a senator will be collecting 39,000,000 per month and the country are suffering which work are they doing there that will warrant them to be paid such huge amount of money.

  32. سبحاالله، O! Lord, save us from the punishment of our government who cannot give it workers #50 but can share more than #36,000,000 by each month only to the Senators.

  33. سبحاالله، O! Lord, save us from the punishment of our government who cannot give it workers #50,000but can share more than #36,000,000 by each month only to the Senators.

  34. This is what we selfishness and wickedness to the highest grade. Even the so called Labour is not clean. They have collected bribe. No be Nija we dey. That’s underground settlement. Am so tired of this shit in Our dear country. Lord please help us in Nigeria and punish all the Wicked Leaders for us.

  35. This is what we call selfishness and wickedness to the highest grade. Even the so called Labour is not clean. They have collected bribe. No be Nija we dey. That’s underground settlement. Am so tired of this shit in Our dear country. Lord please help us in Nigeria and punish all the Wicked Leaders for us.

  36. 25,000 thousand is nothing compared to the labour our fathers and the youth go through at their places of work… E.g imagine a family man working at Lebanese factory with the kind of stress and risk attached to it and they are still paid Penney to what the countries economy requires… 40,000 thousand or nothing… NLC keep up with the good work.

  37. You guys voted for change. One question we failed to ask was,is this change for better or for worse? This is the worst government so far & only God/Allah has the rememdy to our problem not this political parties that parade their selves as APC,PDP & so on. #OluwaIsInvolved.

  38. You guys voted for change. One question we failed to ask was,is this change for better or for worse? This is the worst government so far & only God/Allah has the rememdy to our problem not this political parties that parade their selves as APC,PDP & so on. #OluwaIsInvolved.

  39. You guys voted for change. One question we failed to ask was,is this change for better or for worse? This is the worst government so far & only God/Allah has the rememdy to our problem not this political parties that parade their selves as APC,PDP & so on. #OluwaIsInvolved.

  40. For God sake, what will 25k do in married man’s life…..
    Why are they even calling 30k as if they’re calling 300k, wicked people.

  41. if They not comply with 50k pls let NLC continue with their strike …….am PMB fans, but am not sentimental to that extent

  42. The problem is that these people don’t have human minds, they have sold their souls to the devil, how will they hear or know that people are suffering,. God help us all

  43. Nigeria politicians have determined to ruin workers’ life so as to live flamboyant life. Olorun koni gbafun won.

  44. Nigerian government are very wicked,
    Senators are collecting more than 40m a month why others have no job. Even the ones that has job government is paying them minimum wage of 18k with wife and children. This is ridiculous.

  45. Rubbish how can we paying 25k per month for a teacher,what are we expecting them to provide for d future of tomorrow

  46. It is rather unfortunate to observe with tears that the President Buhari led administration is indeed inhuman and full with the most corrupt politicians. A senator earns N13.5m per month which sum-up to N162m annually. The least monthy salary of level O1 should not be less than N40000, considering various escalating factors like inflation and depreciation of domestic currency.

  47. This is a corrupt country, where our leaders has become God and forgotten that is just one breath they die. Greedy,selfish and confusionist. U will reap what u sow. All risk we take every day to move this country and u people make jest of workers after years.

  48. I want this govt to reason well workers are the backbone of every govt their needs must be reasonably taken care of so to havest a very good product if not dont blame any worker for whatever offence committed bcos the life in this country is really tough, you will not know for your life have passed their stage.
    I pray that Baba will listen to his childrens for efficiant and effective service delievery.

  49. Useless vacations that worth millions compared to pea nuts of 40,000. Go to other countries and see their minimum wage, is only this country that is the least of all. Labour let there b strike. These are men that have sold their soul to the devil. No fear of God in dem.

  50. This thing is nothing but wickedness. How do mr president think that 30,000 will be enough for a man and his family? It is only a wicked father will allow his children to be suffering. Now senators are collecting 36000,000 million per month meanwhile people that are working tirelessly to generat this money are been paid peanut. Mr. President 30,000 is not enough to improve the life of the citizenry.

  51. This #25,000 we are talking about can not even fuel a rep./ senator’s Prado jeep talk less of daily feeding, & u people want workers that are doing all the work to be collecting such amount & survive with out been corrupt, our government are those encouraging corruption in this country, Almighty God will surely judge u people

  52. NLC, this is time to fight for the people, without a tangible figure we don’t know how long again it will take to implement a new MW. These men are not humans. All that are not in agreement should not be voted. Let’s go Bk to strike.

  53. Senators, ministers, House of Reps are doing nothing but they collect huge amount of money monthly while soldier,the police and other security agencies are serving this country but overlook, some died in the process of protecting this country and the federal government abandoned their families forgoting that those people served this country. For example go to barracks now and see the number of widows suffering and some are sent out of barracks emty handed and made the children hopeless and useless in the society,and same government will come out to criticized Nigerian youths, call them lazy youths while their children busy schooling in abroad, spending a lots of money on them. What a mess,God help Nigerian poor youths.

  54. Vote them out , all that were incompetent. These are over size coat given to them as an office and they are messing up.

  55. This is Carlos mind of our leaders and ridiculous to Nigeria citizens to paying 25, 000 for what’s this is bad may God almighty punishe all APC leaders, after increment of ur security vote and a lots of allowances pay the people that doing the work 25000 it will better for buhari and rest

  56. Let’s start with #25000 first since government insisted it can not pay more than that. But the standard of living should be put into consideration and our economy should be restructured. Thanks

  57. Labour should call for national strike action. That is what politicians listen to. Let the economy be shut down.

  58. Haba federal government,why do you treat nigeria workers like this.what is 25k compare to million of nairas paid
    to legislators on monthly/quarterly basis.

  59. This is. The worst labour union.I believe they have compromised with the FG.otherwise ,why is NLC pleading or begging for 30k.don’t worry God will reward this govt and NLC.suffering continues.God. dey.poorman prayer.nawahoooooooooooooo.

  60. Let’s our leaders follow the international best practices including salaries structure. 30,000k is not good. God is watching

  61. There is something that surprised me most in this country Nigeria is the issue of fighting against corruption by the President. Which type of corruption is he fighting when his cabinet’s members are taken home huge amount of money on the detriment of the poor workers of this country. Let them pave way for the payment of good salary at least 40k to 50k to the workers by slashing/cutting down the salaries and allowances of all this pot belly politicians. They should bear it in mind that one day they will be a forgotten issue and they can not go with all this their ill gotten wealth nor bury the money with them. Mr President, enough is enough for a wise. Pay the workers a good wages so that u will not be flog with unseen cane by God. ((Pasan airi)

  62. No wonder.this APC government people say is a heartless govt.they increased pump price of fuel,increased electricity the masses are suffering and dying everyday,yet we are the giant of Africa.lie.we are the giant of hardship and poverty.

  63. it is quite clear to every one now.the different between d former government nd this current government. Therefore, election is around d Conner. Pls vote wisely. don’t be deceive by any man or woman again.

  64. The NLC/TUC should immediately announced indefinite strike without delay. don’t compromise your integrity as leaders.
    We must not go below 50k. For a start. How much has he spent on medical alone at the expense of poor Nigerian with high cost of living, school fees, house rent to pay.
    No No No Aluta we stand.

  65. Increasing salary at this time of recession it is not a welcome development to the economy because we are a consuming nation.Nigeria should be taking about producing locally instead of depending importing all our need as a nation.

  66. Pls if the will not pay 40000,they should not contest election,let vote for someone that can pay the 40000 has minimum wage

  67. Our leaders are thieves they said that they can’t afford to pay above #25, 000 to workers but they are smiling with millions every month. God is watching

  68. They don’t really care about us, if we eat/starve.
    Where will 25K go. Adding salt to an injury.
    Please, those attacking #Baba, let him be. He is not the problem but rather the bunch of cabals working with him who don’t know what democracy autually is.

  69. God help us. If only they can treat themselves the way and mannar they are treating us. If the so called green and red chambers can take the meager amount as their take home pay, no one will even be interested to contest into any elective position. But, am very sure Nigeria will be great again.

  70. Imagine #30,000,000 senator salary can’t paralyzed Nigeria economy but #56k can crash down the economy.. shame on our current adminstration, we shall meet in 2019 general election..

  71. Is the only God can save we common man from all so called themselves leaders, to afford their own urge amount of money is not a problem but to paying 35k or 40k for Nigeria workers is their problem now. God will surely judge them,I beg.

  72. Nigeria need pray a senator is collecting 36 million naira but to increase only civil servant salary to be 50k is a problem in Nigeria becos of their selfish interest

  73. You either be apolitician or civil-servant because civic servant has 35years of service why politic an has only 4year.

  74. If really we want these our country to survive as a nation , all the political office holders especially Senate and reps salary and other allowance should be viewed because all these are the Genesis to corruption that cannot allowed our country to move forward on like other countries in the world.

  75. the cabals who is leading baba buhari never allowed him to listen to our crying, senators should remember dat they will not be buried with money. there is God Almighty who will judge

  76. Woooh Nigeria leader. Uhmmm General Buhari Administration don’t forget your promise about Nigeria people befor you win 2015 Elected that time you do Crying as the front of Wretch. Every day you say pdp is Spoiled our country Prepiously 16 years ago what about you and your three years

  77. Pls don’t finish ur government because u have many enemies u can increase it to 30k and appeal to them election is coming don’t finish APC

  78. I didn’t even know what is d meaning of our budget?
    Our leader are our hostile, they want Nigerian to remain in penury. God will surely judge we owned this country together, what u have is privilege.
    So where is that democracy?
    Where is that dependent?
    We are still under interna bondage,
    May Almighty God delivered us.

  79. A bird at hand cannot fly. Make una accept that one first, at least difference dey thier, then una give them small time again una ginger for another increase. Na so me I see am.

  80. We nor gree.40k or never.Govmnt are playing with Nigeria worker and politicians are being paid millions.Labour should hold their ground on 40k. We are solidly behind you,labour.

  81. Please NLC, abeg make wona agree the #25000 for na make dis APC air blow pass, I believe almighty God go give us a good leaders that will Listen to our cry. Am a Corper from South posted to North with monthly allowance of #19800 in a high standard of living in this country

  82. What i only know is that the more the increment in minimum wage, the higher the increment in good’s price.

  83. In actual sense fg should know that 25 thousand naira minimum wage is too small to manage in this present inflation of goods in the market. They should rethink on the carrring capacity of one with family.


    1. Nigeria – $38 (N18,000).
    2. Algeria – $175 (N83,000).
    3. Belgium – $1,738 (N810,000).
    4. Cameroon – 36, 270CFA ($75) N38,000.
    5. Chad – $120 (N60,000).
    6. Denmark – $1,820 (N900,000).
    7. Libya – $430 (N190,000).
    8. Japan – $1000 (N450,000).
    9. Cote D’ivoire -36,607CFA $72.
    10. New Zealand -$3,187 (N1.4m).
    11. Luxemburg – $2,500 (N1.1m).
    12. Spain – $760. (N300,000).
    13. Switzerland – $5,620 – N2.5m.
    14. USA – $11 per hour.

    Ironically, Nigeria politicians earn the highest salaries the whole world.

    In Luxemburg where minimum wage is $2,500, their lawmakers are paid $7,400. In Libya where minimum wage is $430, lawmakers earn $3000.

    In Nigeria where minimum wage is $38 (N18,000), lawmakers earn $65,000 (N29m).

  85. It really funny if federal government can’t meet up to their works demand, how much is 25000,but our so called senator are collecting almost 29million if not murder, our leader are leader for their own family members. I just eat so called politician in this country called Nigeria is a piety.

  86. 25 k in present day Nigeria is a deceitful mirrage.Its grossly insufficient to even meet up with 3 basic needs of human which areFOOD,SHELTER,& HOUSING. What abt other essential secondaries of life like education, health, self investment, Let alone the average working class are not single status but family Men &women.
    Omaseo ,a lost generation with Nigerian parasitic leaders. Who can siphon MUKTIMILLIONS AS MONTHLY ALLOWANCE IN SENATE.
    JUST go back to an indefinite strike. Until Government is ready to approve &circularize minimum of 50k. Thanks.
    WOE TO THOSE WHO SAID 56K WILL CRIPPLE THE ECONOMY when a minister’s salary will not cripple it.
    What labour is demanding for is not up to 1 percent of president’salary.
    MINIMUM OF 50K minimum wage would only manage self. Labour should not settle for anything less than that

  87. This Nigerian government is heartless. Some of the politicians are not graduates, yet one person’s allowance can pay 100 civil servants. Which work are all the senators and the rest doing that they are paid millions of naira and other government workers suffering? They should change for the better before the wrath of God falls upon the ooo.

  88. Mr president you have to reduce the salary of your ministers,sanate, reps that are earning millions of naira as their salary every month and increase the salary to the younger and petty workers

  89. If the minimum wage is 100,000 naira, it will not solve our problem. All we want is cost of things to reduce, so 19,800 will be enough. If the minimum wage is increased, the cost of things will increase as well. All those artisans will increase the cost of their service, they have to benefit from the new trend. Meanwhile, everything will be back to the way it was. Let the cost of living reduce so we can enjoy the little we are being paid. With that, we can boost our economy. Gracias.

  90. You labour guys should be considerate now. The wage is just for your upkeep we have plans for your children, leave that one for us. As four ur wives uhmmmmmmn , well sha..

  91. Even if they pay us 200k min wage, they have their ways of getting it back from us for example they can decide to increase pump price of fuel which will trigger high the cost of most things in the country so therefore I think what we really need is for cost of living to be less expensive so that with our little money, we can have value for it also, 2019 is fast approaching have u gotten your PVC?

  92. Issued of 30k will not solve our pblems, pls, NLC if u collect something from Federal Government u better pay back if not u will face quaicee-quaicee God is alive.

  93. Which can stupid senators that Nigeria even have, money that is not even their own,God is watching u all we the poor will still survive.

  94. #86m only for hair cut and treatment alone per annum does not make the country’s economy go bankrupt. The way out for workers, Nigeria and indeed all Nigerians is to make political offices voluntary. That time is fast approaching.

  95. This is ridiculus, the 18k can not even transport u talk less oof other expenses the present govt. should think twice, labour must not take not less than 45k.

  96. the condition is really is not an issue to discussed baba pls tell me can 25k make a pot of soup for u and ur family at ur class,.can u even decend so low as to pay ur maid 25k,GOD is watching.reawaken ur conscience because is dead.

  97. So the Labour Union is even publishing this rubbish?What are they waiting for resuming the nationwide strike?pls convert 25k to $ and see how much it will give you.Pls if this is a joke let it be.

  98. This is an absolute madness of d highest order! Even d 30,000 wil go no way with d country present predicament.. If d millions of naira earn by our wicked sanators and members did not sink d nation economy to d ground, is it d little penny asked by labour that wil do d menace..? Federal government, God wil surely judge u fo all bulshits u practicing… Rubbish!!

  99. It is very unfortunate that government of APC can’t pay #30’000 but use pen write billion of naria for their self

  100. Mr Buhari your real color don commit finish and everybody don see am.were you not d one that promised good life for us
    Wallahi Buhari if u no gree on 30000 you are worst than all the worst govt we ever witness in this country

  101. All the previous government that has the interest of their peoples at heart had reviewed and implemented new minimum wages in every 5 years without dragging much.if this government has really have the interest of masses should have even review upward the pay of its workers and provide incentives to those not working since the economic situation of the country become hash.anyway their are those that enjoyed this government so they should continue voting it and those that are not happy should try to vote the government out simple.

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