BREAKING! SARAKI Sets To RESIGN As Senate President… But Gives SHOCKING CONDITION!!! [Full Details Inside]

Senate President Bukola Saraki says he is not desperate to stay in office. However, a condition has to be met

He said his removal must be by two-thirds majority of the upper chamber.

Saraki said this on Wednesday while addressing a ‘World press Conference’ on Tuesday’s siege to the National Assembly by the Department of State Services (DSS).

The Senate President defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in July, sparking calls for his resignation/impeachment by the ruling party.

“The day two-thirds of our members no longer have confidence in us, we will leave this place,” Saraki said as he wound up his speech.


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147 thoughts on “BREAKING! SARAKI Sets To RESIGN As Senate President… But Gives SHOCKING CONDITION!!! [Full Details Inside]”

  1. Abdulhamid A Dutse says:

    Senate President is the problem of Nigeria because he seems to belong to the looters. if he is not one of them why is he not backing the corruption issues.

    1. Anonymous says:

      it would have been nice for you to agree that Apc made a big mistake which is too late for them to correct, because they are not sincere to us

    2. ben says:

      saraki is not backing them because the whole process is based on biased selfish sentiments u only get protections when you are in APC but if otherwise you face witch-hunts.

      1. ajikenny says:

        nice talk

      2. Anonymous says:

        that’s African politics for you.

        1. more money says:

          I want
          bukola saraki to become the next president of Nigeria I said alots of prestige on and I pray God will lead him through

          1. Anonymous says:

            Is a lie Almighty will not accept that

          2. woobey says:

            God will allow Saraki to become president oooo, we regret it in Jesus name,, on also Saraki will sale us finish as he sold kwara state,,,, always pity that state because Saraki really spoiled the state and finished them all, because of his selfishness.

          3. omo BELLO says:

            he will never become president of this country Nigeria, amiiin.

          4. Oluwaseyi salam says:


          5. Aminu Mahmud Jamhura says:

            God forbid, for Sarah to become President.

          6. Johnny Johnson says:

            yes he should you right because he is not a corrupt person like buhari

          7. Nna says:


          8. Nkem Akuma says:

            yes I want Bukola to be the next Nigeria president. Bcoz he was against what Buhari was doing that’s why PMB hate him with passion. we are in democracy and anyone have right to join any part of his or her choice.

          9. Anonymous says:

            Chaii… This 1 mumu ooo

          10. Anonymous says:

            Your dreams cannot be realised because of selfish interest, masses say no to corrupt people who placed their interest above generallity of Nigerians.

          11. Anonymous says:

            You don’t even know anything, if he becomes president for a day, the problems of Nigeria will be multiplied by 10

          12. money NO problem says:

            nice talk

      3. sulaiman says:

        u said if u are not in APC but do u know who is Dariye? A former Gov. of plateau state and current APC senator in d state. If u don’ t know go ask my frnd pls.

        1. Yerima says:

          what happened to Dariye? God will not allow Fulani to lead us again because this is not the change we voted for

          1. Anonymous says:

            Why are you talking like a illiterate Mr man think wisely

    3. Sunday YAMAWO says:

      U say peoples that leave APC are looter what peoples that are leave PDP to APC are they not looter think well

    4. GEORGE TYOYUE says:

      the problem of nigeria is not the senate president, but the soo called president buhari and his team of men of no shame and dignity。

      1. Anonymous says:

        who are is team members, is saraki not among???

      2. Danbo says:

        Thank you. They know the truth but they are shying away from it. We did not vote Miyatti Allah. Animals will never lead us again. God will not allow it

    5. Anonymous says:

      He only believes that Nigeria belongs to d people, not d President and APC. As far as am concern, no one is fighting corruption. Corruption is worse in Nigeria. hey, has d police stopped collecting roger?

      1. Danbo says:

        we have never been faced with corruption in this country like now

    6. Anonymous says:

      looters like Amaechi,Oshiomole abi El-Rufai?

    7. Anonymous says:

      is Nigeria fighting corruption?

      1. bamaiyi says:

        buhari should pls face his government

    8. Anonymous says:

      you are a goat

    9. Sadiq says:

      That’s the reality

    10. Yerima says:

      you don’t know the problem. why is it that any body that leave APC is corrupt. so long you belong to their party you are a saint. is that the change that begins with ‘ME’?

      1. Anonymous says:

        God bless you Yerima

  2. frank says:

    can u pls talk wisely.

  3. Aliya says:

    let him leave we are tired of him he always given Nigeria problem because he is abig mafiya

    1. Peter says:

      you are a big lier

  4. Anonymous says:

    in your own opinion, abi?

  5. dipo says:

    let him say one good thing he and his Co has done for poor Nigerians.

    1. theo says:

      Nigerians are not poor is only our leaders that are poor.

      1. Ek says:

        Wait, you mean Nigerians are not poor, instead the leaders are poor!
        Who is being deceived, me or you?
        Ppl earning monthly pay in millions are now poor, and we wt our miserable pittance are now rich!
        Haba Nigeria, everything upside down!

    2. don ahmed says:

      plus buhari +saraki + oshiomole…all thieves and criminals…buhari supporters, can you tell one achievement he has made for over 3years apart from threating himself from unknown illness and complain. May Allah have mercy on them.

    3. omo BELLO says:

      ✌ let him come out nd say the good thing he did for this country.

  6. ezekanwo cp says:

    pls Nigerian allowed saraki the senate president to do his mind let him choose d party his wish belong that than pressuring him to leave office

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can really understand Nigerians sometime if u can recall in 2015 when some of them are defecting to the ruling party there were lot of happiness in there camp now the reverse is the case why are they complaining

    1. omo BELLO says:

      that is game of politics

  8. labalaba says:

    sooner or later you will all know that saraki is in Government for his personal selfish reasons.

  9. Pablo says:

    Saraki has nothing to deliver a bloody looter

  10. Victor moon says:

    Saraki is Gods sent to uphold our democracy,

    1. Ayemhoba m.o. Sunday says:

      By taken over Senate by TRICK. well done.

  11. Anonymous says:

    saraki must be impeach by god grace

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are not God

  12. azeez says:

    I don’t even know why, some Nigerians
    are just an idiot. saraki is free to d
    o anything he likes you people are just judging him base on is father record at ilorin

  13. Alhaji Mohammad says:

    Saraki that is your own problem by god grease you are not going to the sanate again

    1. amela ter joseph says:

      saraki is not the only looter let judgment began in APC too

  14. fredo says:

    you see i don’t blame saraki at all. I blame we nigerians for glorying mediocrity to high heavens. when in 2015 saraki betrayed the party to emerged Senate President some Nigerians were saying it was a mark of political sagacity. now we have seen the quagmire we are in now. for we knew then and now that nobody enters a house with dirty boots thru the back door would be oblige to sweep the house and make it clean for others to come in comfortably thru the front door

  15. man of truth says:

    those that are criticize Saraki are fools because I wonder how they are thinking, instead of you people to condemn this government of APC or buhari as a failure you are here talking rubbish,

    1. Anonymous says:

      you are the BIG foul,you dont know what you are saying o.reason your self

  16. Akpi Theophilus says:

    saraki is the only hope we Nigerians we have plz let all go with him please

    1. Anonymous says:

      future impossible tense

  17. day kemi says:

    yes, he is a looter and he mischievous leader who is practicing to afflicted, distress the country, if not, why is it that he is not supporting the development of the country, since he as been Senate president he has not moved a one good motion for doing that he started sponsoring cop to afflicted president Buhari administration

  18. gifson says:

    In what way the Senate president is a looter! as big as Senate president been disgrace in the public by is party member! tell me if you happened you were the one what Will you do??

  19. owo says:

    they are all the same

  20. Oghenekaro Johnson says:

    Let me ask, do Nigeria has law guiding a procedure? Nigeria problem is lawlessness of our attitude. God will deliver us.

  21. emmitex says:

    as a citizen,its his right to make choice of whichever party to continue with.his decision is not enough legally to disconnect him from his position as the Senate President.beside he had given condition for his resignation which is based on the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution.we enacted the law,so it’s should be respected and implemented.

  22. Muhammad abk says:

    It not good for Nigeria’s leaders of hierarchy to be disgracing one another, especially publicly

  23. concern Nigerian says:

    I enjoy it most when a stubborn man is challenged by another man stronger than him. we are watching

  24. Dorcas says:

    We are in a democratic dispensation, Senate President has the right to move to anywhere party he likes. A PC should not compel him to do anything pls. He is Nigerians messiah.

  25. JULIET IKE says:

    it is well with nigerias

  26. Golaj says:

    One wonders if people commenting realise they are writing for public consumption. they are attacking, abusive and killers of grammar. Many are simply far away from public standard. Please be properly informed about whom you are defending or crucifying. If it is not good, the operators are simply not good. Thanks.

  27. Anonymous says:

    To my own understand in this battle are self fish interest of that bukora. Because, he loss opportunity in PDP and joined APC an he archives.

  28. abdul wahgee says:

    it high time all this set of old people men stay off ruling us .
    all they do is on their personal interest flyin from one party to the another instaedy of finding solution to the problem they create more confusein

  29. Hamidu salihu says:

    Things are change let change our mind we poor people is not like before we known the person who have a good ambition is not the matter of defection so we are still waiting for them

  30. Barrister says:

    we r all Nigerian, who do you trust in life?

  31. Barrister says:

    we r all Nigerian, who do you trust in life?

  32. Anonymous says:

    let’s the youths take over all of them are criminals

  33. Elijah O says:

    It’s not a crime for Christians to rule this country just the way Dr Good Luck Ebele Jonathan made every Nigerian to fill at home while he was on seat as a Christian

  34. segnis2000 says:

    my brother that is not true saraki is the problem of Apc he is the problem of Nigeria because of his selfish interest to become nig. president but he is making a big mistake he can only become Kwara state president where he knows how to pocket them not Nigeria president for saraki to be President of Nigeria is better we split God will help us

  35. Abah says:

    pls saraki don’t have problem it z
    APC. people leaving APC are corrupt what happen 4 those PDP dat are coming 2 APC?APC

  36. murtala musa firji says:

    Nigerians will decide,we pray dat ALLAH S.W will terminate leadership of unpatriotic politicians comes 2019.

  37. Anonymous says:

    the God’s of our land we see us through #OneNigeria…..

  38. Tony says:

    Buhari is a thief like wise Saraki including all politician’s in Nigeria.

    To butress my point, when Saraki defected from PDP to APC he was applauded as a man with good sense of reasoning now that he is back to PDP why are crying? Whatever you sow is what you will reap.

  39. yakubu abubakar (tafida) says:

    why you people talking saraki saraki,what’s this small picking done to you .why cannot talk to others,every where saraki newspaper, television, radio,Twitter, Facebook, God would blessed this man saraki.

  40. tony rose martins says:

    the only way he can comfortably pursue his aspiration in the PDP is to resign as Senate president now before he is impeached.

  41. John Oluwafemi says:

    Can’t forget about party names in this country? As far as I’m concern,i strongly believe we operates in one-party-system in Nigeria… Because it’s still the same set of people (looters) that keeps rotates from one party to the other. They turned Nigerian party system to “Transfer Market”

  42. annornimus says:

    hear me Bukoka Saraki, your cup of devine punishment is abt to full! you think you can deceive nigerians? no way, you have missed it this time.

  43. Ife says:

    I am worried about the attitude of the Nigerian people as we seems not to have learned a lesson from our past: gladiators in our polity are selfish and have no respect for the ordinary citizen, yet we are same people who still blindly fight for them. We should all be wise to know that expectedly, this is corruption fighting back in Nigeria!

  44. jmcel says:

    in my view, our leaders are only concerned about themselves, they don’t care about you, The you ha

    ve become their slave that’s why they give them gun to protect their interest, turn them against their own fellow youth, etc. choose wisely.

  45. Mohammed salisu says:

    God will not forgive saraki,because he has a quitionalble character, he is a betrayal for the society with a selfish ambitious, may god look into his situations and see how he will punishment him.

    1. Alqasim Saraki For life says:


  46. Mohammed salisu says:

    As far as I am concern,saraki is a disobedience chirld,because he disobey his father till he die,so for this regard saraki is no body,serious betrayal and that’s how he will continue ,and he most live the seat,

  47. Raymond says:

    Some of u guys are fools.Tell me the contributions of Saraki to the development of kwara state and Nigeria in general. The man is a looter, a betrayal and a political armed robber. Shame on to pple like him.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Saraki has seen it all, APC can not lead us to anywhere,they are already a failure, if not for saraki the killings would have not stopped by now. Fulani ntorrr!!!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Leave the leaders alone, commit them unto the Lord, we Nigerians are too troublesome.

  50. Bobboi Ishiaku Bobboi says:

    ★saraki n others defected politician
    members are all corrupted leader so fellow Nigerians be wise we don’t have good leader in our country we should pray for god to send us good leader

  51. luckynewsinfo says:

    Buhari is using force
    Saraki is playing mind games

  52. Ahmed musa says:

    The problem of Africans is that they don’t reason, whether saraki or APC or PDP the fact is that buhari is a failure you don’t forget that b4 1bag of rice is 9k but now 20k
    Dollar was 200 1 dollar now 360
    Each transaction u do, Nigeria government will collect 50 naria killing every where hunger every
    Where ,division ever history of Nigeria ,tribal in fact name buhari is worst more than demon vote competent leader not party

  53. Anonymous says:

    A big deciever

  54. Anonymous says:

    End of the era, you must go down to the general seat

  55. uchenna says:

    The administration was only ready for war and bloodshed, never prepared what so ever for lead. President GEJ disappointed them all by accepting the defeat. Now the ball is in their court yet that are confused. What has the Senate president done wrong?? This administration has failed completely

  56. Gibson says:

    one thing I understand in this country is that Buhari is our problems the man is too old to rule this country is just there like a firewood

  57. God's own says:

    God will deliver us. saraki is always self-center,no consideration for citizen most especially kwarans… he claim God father,bt God is the father of all

  58. Abdul-malik says:

    Amen sai Bukki

  59. Tale Clement says:

    let the good people of Nigeria support pmb and flush sharaki away from this rescue mission trail.always support Buhari to move Nigeria forward, Rome was not built in a day

  60. Igwe Ekene Joseph says:

    Hhhmmm all is about Bukola saraki, saraki be careful

  61. Comr. Ogodo Dan (JP) says:

    political system in Nigeria is not different from what is practiced in other Nations.Most of our politicians cannot play politics outside our beloved country because of their conning, self-serving and dominating attitudes.

  62. Igbogi T Godsthrone says:

    Saraki is our next president of Nigeria

    1. obasanjo oluwasegun says:

      Forget politics, for now Saraki cannot {get) automatic ticket for PDP primaries talk less of presidency candidate for our umbrella, thanks

  63. Anonymous says:

    saraki or no saraki ,Nigeria is our problem! but God is our savior

  64. Modu Ahmed says:

    what so ever saraki is not a true leader he is there to protect his interest only

  65. tosyn Johnson says:

    is this politics? Nigerian politician are demonstrating and exhibiting disgrace for our Nigeria.but let pray cos we don’t have good of them.

  66. Anonymous says:

    saraki is a good man

  67. Marcos w says:

    Saraki should resign from office if he wishes after there are youth all over the country looking for an opportunity to go into the leadership of this country

  68. Mohammed Adamu says:

    pls Nigeria try to understand the people that have not good intention to our country especially this Senate leader which is bokola saraki.she be came prostitute person to our country Nigeria . May God finishing his site.

  69. Adaamsy05 says:

    APC probe Saraki while he was in APC and Babachir now DSS boss…. unlike pdp

  70. Anonymous says:

    yeaa….correct man, giving them an uphill task.

  71. panther says:

    saraki will never be Nigerian president by the will of gods. he was never a good leader to Nigerian as a senet. how could he possible be a true leader ? I assure u he’s tenure will be even worse then buhari’s

  72. Anonymous says:

    Bukola.. do not even understand imself agn

  73. onoja says:

    APC is dead party, how can a living saraki stay in dead political party? buhari is a failure, a political party killer.

  74. emma m says:

    saraki my next president.Buhari has failed d country and d masses

  75. real brain says:

    I knw very well Dat most people Dat are contributing on dis platform are youth,and am highly disappointed in many people’s comments becos most of us we have been brain washed by dis so called politians or the level of poverty our so called leaders has placed us so for dis most of us cannot think straight anymore,though some people are dropping reasonable comment y most of are just saying rubbish.What I want everybody to understand is that whether u are from yoruba,ibo,hausa we need to stand up and say enough is enough to dis old leaders wit deer obsolete brain in which dey use to rule us,none of dem is exempted,let us find a way in which we can send dem out of power either by force or by dialogue.Let me give u all the solution to our problem in dis country is by way of splitting let yoruba go on his own,ibo should go on deer own and hausa should go on deer own.

  76. real brain says:

    I knw very well Dat most people Dat are contributing on dis platform are youth,and am highly disappointed in many people’s comments becos most of us we have been brain washed by dis so called politians or the level of poverty our so called leaders has placed us so for dis most of us cannot think straight anymore,though some people are dropping reasonable comment y most of are just saying rubbish.What I want everybody to understand is that whether u are from yoruba,ibo,hausa we need to stand up and say enough is enough to dis old leaders wit deer obsolete brain in which dey use to rule us,none of dem is exempted,let us find a way in which we can send dem out of power either by force or by dialogue.Let me give u all the solution to our problem in dis country is by way of splitting let yoruba go on his own,ibo should go on deer own and hausa should go on deer own.

  77. Imaobong says:

    But this country call Nigeria is a
    very funny country, 2014 these idiots call politician left PDP to APC and nothing happened. the Bible says whatsoever you sow, you shall surely reap. why all these noise for, who strengthened them? where were the likes of Adam Oshiomhole

  78. Felix says:

    buhari promised us egg and give us stone, he promised change and bring chain, he promised security and brought insecurity, a litre of fuel from 87-145, he declared IPOB peaceful self demonstration as a terrorist and thesame buhari declared headsmen killers=Angels. buhari has turned the country upside down!

  79. kunle Joseph says:

    I pray that Saraki should be a president come 2019, I like his life style, very bold, he never alow the witch hunt of Buhari and Apc govt move him an inch, He doesn’t compromise his stand, so let’s try him and see, we are feed up of this govt, it’s only those that benefit from the govt are asking for continuting,

  80. VICTOROSICO says:

    Because Buhari is busy treking, who trek help self

  81. Anonymous says:

    fools all over.

  82. ini james says:

    he CNT be d president of dis great country.

  83. Abdulhamid MS says:

    So he is a chip of the old block, he took after his father just as the Yoruba saying but in the reverse “Ifun Babare lo Jane.” Is that what you meant? May God save us from allcevil people.

    We want a land of peace, ….progress, …happiness, …harmony, …joy, freedom, …equity, …impunity free, …a gothom city, …a city of justice, …a city of love, …a city of peace for everyone if us. We want all these and many more. I strongly advice all the wicked to change their evil ways and repent at once and never, never go back to their old evil ways. God don’t derive pleasure in punishing nobody, He loves admitting He beloved to His mercy, because He’s the Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. So, we don’t need to know you, as you perpetrate your evils and unleash them on us secretly. So, do it in a similar way to repent. You don’t need or have to announce it to us or anyone. Do it between you and your creator. And give what’s do to Caesar to Caesar. For we don’t want no peace, we want equal right and justice. For dear Nigeria, dear Nigeria.

    Repent! Repent!! And Repent!!!

    God is waiting for you to do it. He loves you but you don’t love yourself. Do yourself a favour today. Hell is real and whoever enters it is doomed! Help yourself not to enter it by sincerely repenting and now!

    God bless Nigerians and God bless Nigeria. God bless all lovers of Nigerians and Nigeria and all good people.

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. jimoh daud says:

    saraki is a big problem for nigerian allah must remove him on that place

  86. jimoh daud says:

    saraki is a big problem for nigerian

  87. benfrank says:

    saraki has not done any harm by knowing his rights to defend himself at any level,anyone who is perfect can proceed to detain or harass him even in the court of law but when it comes to that stage that’s where you will know that no one is perfect to do such I mean no one in Nigeria,is good to say the truth as a true child of God.the question is this,is Saraki not following due process on what ever he does???yes or no?if this is all of Saraki I wish to work for him rather.

  88. Gidado Tinau says:

    how many out of 109 senators voted him? he most go even with simple majority.

  89. Anonymous says:

    When I know One thin about Nigeria ,we are not discuss to forward our economy to next level ,we are always discuss about Saraki, Buhari, bout God is coming veryson.

  90. ifada Godwin says:

    weather u like it or not buhari for president 2019 I’m very well from d south buhari is not corrupt it is pipu like saraki and dino and amechi DAT has pollute d party and their govt.

  91. Yusuf Kuta Barau says:

    Was your election as Senate President by 2/3 ? the way you came in ,you are also going out the same way.

  92. Lionheaet says:

    There are all after there own pocket making the masses to suffer. There should be a body to approved defection of individual from one party to another under a serious interview.why you are defecting and what are your aims in these way you will think twice before defecting and joining a particular party.

  93. tewogbola says:

    I most tell u People that bukola saraki is most idiot woman being in this country he came he is taking that people are full lake him idiot blood drik

  94. Rocky Lee says:

    Saraki betrayed which party or the selfish leaders in the party tried to betray him?
    Common, let’s not forget that in 2014, Saraki betrayed his party, the PDP to jump to the APC?
    However, when it came to him enjoying his share of the APC victory, they tried in vain to shut the door of the Senate Presidency on him!!!
    Those same betrayers are the reason Saraki and co are out of APC today and they are the same people trying to remove Saraki as Senate President illegally!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Idiot u will never take this chair as senate as u Useless Leader .

  96. Lasisi says:

    Only fools will vote Saraki as president

  97. Anonymous says says:

    saraki can’t never be president God forbid a corrupt former governor to sell our country saraki Nigerian has wise

  98. Afolo Favour Lucky says:

    What we need in this country is division for peace to reign. The Muslims people have disorganized this country.

  99. Ishola idrees says:

    Bukola is like a moving plane while his enemies like a barking dog, so plane is moving and dog is barking pls can barking dog stop a moving plane .

  100. peter says:

    am just watching them

  101. Huror Mike says:

    Any body talking bad for buhari is a demon ,a betrayer ,infact ,a lunatic . I lack words to describe such people ,may the devil describe them bad .

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