Busted! Dele Momodu Caught Lying About Ibadan PDP Rally

Nigerians question Dele Momodu with new Accusation of Lying About Ibadan PDP Rally. Read below according to the post:

What shall it benefit them too keep lying, is this how they plan to win the presidential election, or will they force those numbers on the ballot? undecided

First, they said 3m attended Sokoto rally that only had a stadium capacity of 10000

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm PDP propaganda machine is always the tool and strategy they use in an attempt of deceits. The goal is to give people the impression that PDP is acceptable to the majority of the people so they can make noise and trade blames when they eventually loose.
    The most painful part of the campaign tools and strategies are the focus on trivial issues, attacking of personalities, (rather than objective and pragmatic approach to unrelenting issues), doing caricatures of people, promoting falsehoods, lies, wipping up religious/ethnicity/political sentiments.
    Though some other politicians and parties like APC and the rest embark on these tools, PDP campaigns are practically centered and structured around these dangerous tools.
    The reason why objective Nigerians should be pissed at these tools is because the idea behind it is that the average Nigerian is low in reasoning and analytical skills no matter their level of educational qualifications and fortunately so, to an extent, they’re correct. All you need to do is read/listen to the quality of responses of many Nigerians (‘high and low’) to posts/interviews and talk shows.
    And the major reason why this is so, is that many Nigerians responses are either influenced by greed/deceits, their definition of poverty, definition of ‘stomach infrastructure’, national development and their general family orientation and values. Summarily, many Nigerians love to eat their cakes and also have it for the next day. They’re not necessarily interested in the source of the ingredients, the making of the cake, the efforts it would take to get the process working until the cake is processed and baked. They’re also not interested in staying in the waiting room before the cake is cooked. Nigerians just want to make sure that the cake is always available for them to eat.
    This my people is VERY SAD.

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