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Revealed: Reasons Why African Women Wear Waist Beads

Beads are usually small round pieces of pierced glass, wood or metal strung together to serve as adornment for the waist, neck or ankle beads. Waist Beads are common with females and they are an excellent tool for women to feel more feminine and beautiful.

Men Only: TOP 10 Lies Women Tell Their Men

You love her, you adore her, and you totally trust her. However, gentlemen should remember that all women lie in certain situations. Moreover, some white lies are absolutely necessary to keep relationships going . Women often lie because they are not ready to speak about

Dating Tips: Learn 10 Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Online dating already has some bad reputation. There is a lot of scam and other freaking things. If you want to succeed in it you should better avoid these communicational mistakes. A lot of guys are guilty of it: 1. “Hi! You are nice” is