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Nine Effective Clues To Know Your Partner Is Having A Secret Affair Outside

According to previous studies, men cheat for adventure, ego, unsatisfactory sexual experience in their marriage, frustration, revenge and deceit while women cheat due mainly to lack of affection from their partner, sexual dissatisfaction, revenge, boredom and peer pressure. No doubt, being in love, especially when

“More Lagos Wives Beat Their Husbands” – Commissioner

Lagos State government yesterday raised the alarm over the increasing cases of housewives who now batter their husbands. The Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, who said this while briefing journalists on the score card of his ministry in the last one year, said no

Ladies, Is It Okay For You To Have This Much Armpit Hair?!

So we know how many health reports have asked us to leave a little hair in some particular regions of our body cause of some certain reasons like, curbing skin irritation, something to do with the sweat gland and all… all those health talk sha…