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16 Ways To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

Many may have found themselves in challenging long-distance relationships at some point or the other. While some people manage to surmount the encumbrance of distance, for many others, not so much. Here are ways to maintain a relationship separated by thousands of miles. Don’t over communicate It’s

Would You Buy This Smart Condom For N30,000?

The smart condom can rate your performance in the bedroom and also tell you if you have an STI (sexually transmitted infection). With over 90,0000 pre-orders of the product at the price of $80.99 (N30,000), you might wonder if the product is as good as

video: 11 Mistakes men makes In bed 18+

Where are the guys, come in here and watch this to fill the the gallops in your relationship. ladies aren’t left out you can watch and help keep your relationship DOWNLOAD VIDEO

Saving A Long-Distance Relationship: A 10-Step Guide

Nowadays many couples are faced with the fact that they have to have relationships at a distance because of various reasons. We understand how difficult it is and try to help you adapt to this situation. At first, you will feel that distance is the

5 Ways You Can Survive Long Distance Relationships As A Nigerian

Whether you have been in a long-distance relationship for a while, or recently started a long-distance relationship, one thing you will agree to is that being in a long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge. You find that you shift from seeing your partner all