Creepy Food Combinations That Nigerians Love

Food is life, we agree. But do you know that while you’ve been playing it safe with food, some people are out there engaging in culinary BDSM? We know you don’t, and that’s why we brought you this to help you move your mealtime from basic to advanced. Below is a list of weird food combinations Nigerians love to eat.

  • Beans and eba.
    As we heard, this slaps. Harder than you can even imagine. Especially if the beans is ewa agoyin and the eba is cold.
  • Spaghetti and beans.
    Not cooked separately like they do it at a local restaurant. Cooked together, like Jollof spaghetti with beans added. Finger lickin’ good, so we heard.
  • Bread and peppersoup.
    A photo, in case you think we’re pulling your legs.
  • Yam and peppersoup.
    Some tribes eat this don’t they? They’re the woke ones.
  • Noodles and bread.
    What does bread not go with in this life sef?
  • Semovita with milk and sugar added.
    Yes, this bangs too. I must have tasted it once. But I didn’t like it then, sha.

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