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Do You See A Naykked Woman On This Picture? Look Closely And You’ll Be Surprised!

We are about to show you how dirty your mind truly is

Do you consider yourself of pure mind? We are about to change that.

The optical illusion below can leave you wondering. It is a simple drawing made up of curved lines and a big pair of dots.

The image made rounds on the internet recently with most people divided on what it actually is.

Take a look below.


Did you see an image of a woman, her torso and hips and a sizeable pair of breasts?

If you did, then you will be surprised at another thing the image could depict.

Most people with cleaner minds like me [GQ] can see two stick figures dancing and praising the Lord! SMH!

The curves are their legs and the dots are their heads. This means the image can have a less dirty meaning.

According to psychologists, the brain can see the two images almost simultaneously – but one dominates, depending on your experiences and thoughts.

So, are you a dirty-minded, sex-obsessed person!


Written by awwal

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