E! News: Kanye West Is Looking For Models For His New Video, Says They Need To Be BLACK, GHETTO And HOODRATS

A company looking to staff a Kanye West video put the word out that hey were looking for actors and models for the project. What TYPE of actors you say . . . well according to the ads, they were looking for folks that are “BLACK OR LATINO,” but they needed to be “ghetto” and “hoodrats.”


Wow . . . is it LEGAL to even put out an ad like that? It seems so racist. . . This must be for one of his tracks off his latest album The Life of Pablo, but which one needs that kind of visual line-up?


26 thoughts on “E! News: Kanye West Is Looking For Models For His New Video, Says They Need To Be BLACK, GHETTO And HOODRATS”

  1. Vanessa says:

    West at it again hope you don’t make the white hate you

    1. Gentle says:

      Dis guy is a racist

      1. Imonitie says:

        But he is not threatening any body unlike trump

    2. monica says:

      That is wat it seems like….

    3. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Kanye isn’t even white too, soo jst be sure of wjat ur fytin b4 u fyt urself

    4. Imonitie says:

      They wont hate him cos they knw he needs them for something special in his modeling.

    5. moyo says:

      I don’t see an harm here, hez jst proud of who he is, dts all

  2. sunkanmi says:

    he fucks a whity now he wants to use a blacky

    wat an ass

    1. Gentle says:

      Kim is white na, I cnt say he’s a racist

      1. Gentle says:

        neykked video loading !!!!

    2. monica says:

      Let him be….he does wat fetch him money and u are here calling him ass

    3. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Gbam, why ar u thinking this way now. Kanye is black so that’s wt he nids for his video ni now, y u dey vex

      1. Imonitie says:

        Exactly thats what he needs and its for a purpose and peopl are not happy again

    4. moyo says:

      Chai, notin wey person fit do 2 satisfy una 4 dis 9ja

  3. Gentle says:

    Kanye is a bad guy

    1. monica says:

      Nobody is desputing that

  4. ELOBIG says:

    illuminati incarnate

    1. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

      Lol, boss u mean business ooo, wetin kanye take do alof una nw, abeg

    2. moyo says:

      Lol, wetin concern dis one with illuminati bayi ooo. I tire for una

  5. Adeyemo Oladotun Emmanuel says:

    Lmao, why kinda vacncy is dis, well d money is worth it shs

    1. Imonitie says:

      Am sure he just want to help hoodrats.

  6. Imonitie says:

    Am still wondering what connects illuminati and model recuitment here

    1. monica says:

      Are they not in the same line

      1. Imonitie says:

        It doesnt relate at all…what does ur religion have to do with recuiting black gheto person for modeling

  7. moyo says:

    Nice one kanye, tryin to take some dough bk 2 d streets

    1. Imonitie says:

      Trying to bring out some thing frm ghetto guys..a good one frm kanye

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