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So there is this prediction that is trending online about end time and the return of Jesus before 2050. You might behave interest.

Read below;

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Jesus returns very soon. Here are just eleven commonsense reasons unique to our generation that indicate Jesus returns before 2040.

1. We can know that Jesus returns before 2040 because mankind is planning to put a human colony on Mars by 2030.

Space X led by multi Billionaire Elon Musk has a very aggressive program to put people on Mars by the middle of the 2020’s. NASA and the European Space Agency are also planning Mars missions that should put people on Mars before 2030. I think China will also have a program to put people on Mars or the Moon. These programs could be delayed a few years but barring the great tribulation humans will have a colony on Mars or the Moon before 2040. I do not believe God will allow the colonization of Mars or the Moon to happen. Souls of humans that die either go to be with the Lord or they descend to Sheol to await the great judgment. Souls of humans are not going to be bound to another planet.

Ob 1:4 Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.

The tribulation will come to try all that dwell upon the earth (Rev 3:10). Wealthy people are not going to escape the great trial on earth by colonizing Mars. Therefore, conditions on earth are not going to allow the space program to continue forward as Elon Musk and others project. The programs to put man on Mars before 2030 will not happen. They will be interrupted by events on earth spoken about in chapters 4 through 19 of Revelation.

2. Advances in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are indicators that Jesus returns before 2040. If the Lord does not come soon, humans would become various kinds of hybrids. Not only will the AI/chimera/synthetic biology hybrids be something that God never created, the mistakes made by those playing God probably would destroy all life on earth. God is not going to allow either to happen.

3. God said the general lifespan of humans during this present age would be 70 or 80 years (Ps 90:10). Scientists say they will soon make humans live decades longer than that. Lifespans beyond 80 will not become the norm on earth before the millennial reign of Jesus. The fact that mankind very well could achieve longer lifespans than Psalm 90 suggests is a sign that we must be very near the end of this age.

4. Harvests take place when the crop is at its peak. God is not going to delay the Lord’s coming beyond the harvest time of the just and the wicked on earth. The wheat is already being choked out by the tares (weeds) in many nations on earth (Mt 13:30 39, Rev 14:15). Also, the number of total humans on earth is near peaking. The end time harvest will occur right on schedule at the end of the 6000 year growing season determined for God’s wheat. Then the earth is reaped, the tares are burned and the saved enter the thousand-year Sabbath rest.

5. Many Jews are back in their promised land. Some unbelieving Jews had to be brought back to Israel to fulfill Bible prophecy. Even so, most Jews that returned have not sought God or repented of their evils. For example, 79 percent in Israel support homosexual marriage or homosexual civil union. Israel is a very secular humanist nation. God is not going to be blessing Israel for supporting even worse perversions than when they were cast out.

The leadership of Israel continually displays that their real trust is in their weapons and their alliances with strong nations. They do not trust in their God. The nations around Israel want to destroy Israel. Therefore, Israel will soon make a covenant with the Antichrist for a promise of peace and security. The Bible said all these things would happen at the end of the age. Only a third of the Jews in Israel will survive the refining fire of the tribulation (Zec 13:9). The fulfillment of the prophecies about Israel occurring at the end of the age could start any day now.

6. Human government is now hostile toward the biblical God and is antichrist almost everywhere on earth. As the God hating socialists gain power, the gospel truth becomes outlawed. The godless socialists plan to have governance over all on earth by 2030. The fifth seal of Revelation tells about there being great persecution of believers on earth. That would occur if the Marxists get control over the globe. Those persecuting God’s people will reap God’s judgment.

7. Islam will bring hell on earth long before 2040. When the green horse of Revelation rides it will bring death and hell over one-quarter of the earth (Rev 6:cool. Islam rules over one-fourth of the earth today and Muslims are one-quarter of the earth’s population. The flags of most Muslim nations contain green most other nations do not, is that just coincidence, or a hint about the people reaping the prophecy? (By the way, most Muslim nations flags contain green because it is said to be Mohammad’s favorite color.)

8. Lawlessness and violence in the world is making governments more and more authoritarian. The elite who are running Europe and globalist organizations intend to make the EU an authoritarian superstate like China. Social unrest in Europe is being orchestrated. They bring in Muslims because they want more violence. The elite are confident that the people of Europe will give up liberty for the promise of security. After the authoritarians gain control of Europe again, they will deal with Islam. What we see taking place in Europe leads to the revival of an authoritarian Roman Empire. This superstate in Europe is necessary to fulfill end time Bible prophecy.

9. The world is going cashless. The buy/sell system of Revelation 13 was not possible before our time. Computer chips and worldwide communication technologies have now made a cashless economic system inevitable. The bankers of the world are planning a cashless world in less than a decade. The debt burden of almost all nations insures that a crash of the present system will occur by the 2020’s or even sooner. After that, all that is needed to fulfill Bible prophecy is the implementation of a worldwide cashless system and the decree of the False Prophet.

10. The destruction of the family will bring chaos on the earth long before 2040. The anti family and sexual confusion agenda is being pushed by godless statist Marxists. They intend to destroy the family so the state has birth to death control over everyone’s mind.

The sexual revolution perversion and destruction of the family unit did not come about naturally. This insanity was only made possible through the Marxist dominated education system and media. The sexual revolution and destruction of the family is a Marxist means to a statist end. The motto is “order out of chaos”. What they mean by that motto is that luciferian world order comes after they destroy all Bible based world order. That is what the destruction of the family and all the sexual confusion is shaped to do.

11. The 1.4 trillion dollar silk road project pushed by China will put the infrastructure in place for the two hundred million man army from the East (Rev 9:16). This silk road project is projected to involve 66 nations. It also will help the armies of those nations to come against Israel. The Bible talks about a highway that is walked on to bring believers back to Israel. This could be the foundation of the highway spoken about in Isa 11:16, 19:23 and 35:8.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Jesus returns before 2040. I am sure that you also can think of some commonsense reasons why Jesus returns before 2040.

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