FEAR OF 14 YEARS??? Bobrisky Reveals… “You Can Never See Me In A GAY CLUB Because Am NOT GAY”

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky has opened up that he is not gay and does not associate himself with anything that has to do with gay people especially visiting a gay club.

In this new interview with Sunnewsonline, Bobrisky talked about having a girlfriend who is not based in Nigeria and he plans to take her as wife one day.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I have a girlfriend and she lives in London. My girlfriend understands the game, I made her understand and told her not to get distracted with what she hears about me.

How do you relax?

I’m an indoor person, I don’t go out. After my business I stay in my house.

What is your favorite fashion accessory?

I love jewelry. I wear designer items. I love Gucci and Christian Louboutin, these are the fashion accessories that keep you classy and expensive.

What is your wardrobe made of?

I don’t have male stuff in my house. I don’t have anything male in my wardrobe. However, I have little men stuff I wear in my house, when I am all alone.

Some people find me interesting outside the country. In places like Europe and America, they find me interesting. They love my fashion sense.

They tell me I wear my dresses better than females. I did a lot of research on how to crossdress before I dabbled into it. People ask me if I’m a transgender and I tell them there are differences between a crossdresser and a transgender. So, I’m still a crossdresser.

So one day you will become a transgender?

I will never. Nothing will make me change my gender. Nothing. I have already drafted what I want to be and what I want for myself in life. So these are my secrets.

Would Bobrisky have a wife someday?

Yes I will. It’s going to be a lavish wedding and I will surprise the world.

When would that be?

That’s a secret for now.

Your girlfriend is in London, won’t that affect the relationship?

No. Because I travel to London often. I will be in London in less than five days.

You walk like a female, did you learn it?

I learnt all that. It’s all part of fashion. When you are into fashion you learn how to catwalk and how to walk on heels and how to behave when you wear native outfits. Some girls don’t even know how to behave when they are in traditional outfit or in Aso-Ebi.

They should act like a native or local person in Aso Ebi. But when you are in a classy English attire, you should act expensive and walk expensive. Most girls don’t know about that. I want them to come and learn from me.

Later, I will set up a grooming school to educate girls on how to catwalk, makeup and how to compose yourself as a woman. You see, many women act like men. They don’t know how to compose themselves. That’s why their husbands cheat on them a lot because their husbands want a sexy behaviour and comportment. I will teach all these things in my grooming school.

What lessons has life taught you as a person?

Just be yourself and be who God wants you to be in life; don’t allow anybody to distract you. Though a lot of people insult me and call me names on social media, I just laugh over these things because when they come to where I live, they are dazed, wondering where I get the money to do all these things? The more they insult me the more I make my money.

There’s a transgender club/crossdresser club. Do you belong to it?

No! Never! I even don’t have a friend. Like I told you, they have different reasons they do their thing, my own reason is totally different, which is to be famous and get my goods sold. You can never see me in gay or transgender clubs. What will I go there to do? You can never see me there because I’m not gay.

With all these are you still a Muslim?

Yes. But I won’t lie to you, I don’t practice Islam. I know this is wrong to say…. my busy schedule doesn’t give me time to practice the religion. However, I still kneel down before I sleep and talk to my God, thanking God for the day, his provision. It’s the prayer from heart that God prefers not the dramatic ones that you must go to the Mosque to pray. That’s why I founded Bobrisky Foundation.

What is your foundation about?

It’s about helping people. Helping widows and orphanage. I pay school fees for people because a lot of people helped pay my school fees. When my mother died, I went around my mum’s friends for school fees too and they were there for me. So, when I see people in need of something, I like to help because I have been there before.


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