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Female Singer To Be Summoned By Police After Sharing This Hot Picture Online

A female singer identified as Kay Figo has ignited a social media firestorm with some revealing photos.

The Zambian artiste whose real name is Cynthia Kayula Bwalya, shared the controversial half-Unclad pictures which have been trending on different social media platforms for days now.

Meanwhile, according to fresh reports, the Zambia Police Service says it will summon female musician Kay Figo to question her over her trending half Unclad picture on social media.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the police will question the local female artist and hear her side of the story over the disturbing picture.

She also said that if the picture is a photoshop, the perpetrators will be brought to book.

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  1. She’s crazy …lol…Nice skin….no stretched mark…Na her style and her life , let her do what ever makes her happy. I don’t judge .

    • I think it is time where some women wants to lives like dogs,your private parts (the garden of eden)out side shame on you women.

    • What bout those girls who go dance nude to the king in the name of of so called culture …what do you do you call it…

      • You r stupid. Those wear traditional chlothes, there were no panties or undies. When they dance, we enjoy the dance not looking at their vaginas. That how it was since the beggining of our nation.
        You should shut your big mouth and get taught, moron!!!

        • Shut your big mouth n stop telling lies that you don’t look at their vagina maybe you are the biggest pervert nx this lady looks sexy in all forms ay man jealousy makes you nasty

  2. What lesson are you teaching the young ones. It is even better she joins the pornography industry. This is unacceptable.

  3. She jumped some stages in her childhood do not blame her,may be when she was young she was under pressure she is enjoying cha baba and cha mama while we are seing but it is too late.kama huyu akikupatia atakwambia ukimaliza uniamuze.

  4. She’s really controversy,, all other available ladies got the goodies,,so she should save hers coz we don’t need to see.

  5. Women and nakedness, they do that often in pics and videos to sell magazines and music videos all the time. Eish!! Fame.

  6. Police is falling summon to people who stealing during day , busy summoning those who are proud of themselves, she is a celebrity leave her alone. It’s her new style

  7. Maybe that’s the only way to becoming famous coz nowadays many female artists are using it. Let me hope she gets what she wishes to get

  8. There’s nothing Rong… that pic z very ok wat can u see? Coz can’t see anything even wen u ZOOM in u can’t see anything

  9. Why did she cover the female organ with her hands. It simply tells me DAT what she is doing is not right. God have mercy on us all.Repent!
    God still loves you.

  10. She is really hot I don’t see anything wrong with that pause .now she got admirers and for haters I guess you were busy zooming the organ

  11. That’s too much and too bad for a beautiful lady like her.If she doesn’t like celebrity then why dnt she specialize on photography?

  12. I really love that style.i always do photo shoots whilst I’m naked there is nothing wrong by expressing my feelings.You Only Live Once

  13. Cynthia please show your talent for the world to know you not being naked.oh you really make me start loosing respect for women ,this is shameful to me I can never be proud of you .I curse you

  14. This is what happens when the evil spirit takes over you .. God take over Africa and show yourself to those who do not believe in your existance.. May God send you the Holy spirit..

  15. U jxt OK Mama don’t allow any one to destroy the way wic brings money to you , Kali Ni #Tag ili bad why you forgotten people chili shani?

  16. All comments are unrealistic. A normal person will realise that’s photoshop from a sick individual trying to get back to her.and I don’t even know the lady.

  17. is she that desparate to be famous. its a pity how african people have lost moral fibre ,the dignity that defines us. we shoul be sad at such developments

  18. All being said everyone has he’s or her demon that likes to do something out off hand so please don’t keep yourself innocent and being judgemental about every thing other people do it really do not make you super human or spiritual niether good customed person you just the next thing that will make us go wow so shut the fuck up and take notes bitch

  19. Nothing wrong with that,leave a poor girl alone ,she is not the first person to behave in that manner, remember , the jobs that we are working are different.

  20. There is nothing wrong with that, leave a poor girl alone, remember ,the business that we are doing is different ,she is not only the first person to behave in that manner, if you want to summon her about her business, then u must start by the first ones. People like to talk too much while they are not helping you with anything.

  21. A woman is God’s best creation! some people are afraid to look and later alone believe that….. you are beautiful baibe! show them touch…

  22. This women is destroying the mentality of young women coz they will be inspired by her move, and wish to be like her, think it’s a right move if the police wanna summon her and make some clear answers about her pic.

  23. I don’t care what she takes her lifestyle for any way is not for us to judge let’s just not watch such a foolish pic

  24. Let’s be slow to judge people, is her life, let her do whatever pleases her. But there is always going to be an end to everything. So when the inevitable happens, the lord will bring her to book and I pray God should show her mercy and teach her his ways before then…

  25. I love her nice and sexy shape, as for me i love her if she can accept me I am ready to marry her, so pls dont blame her is her lifestyle

  26. I don’t see fame until she post her complete naked pic, in the future with this her daughter will surely walk naked ?

  27. Lady ur too hot girl.i like ir not u only,even zodwa wabantu and Kelly Khumalo they makes the same like u.and i hope u will do more than that.spirit?????????????????????

  28. I have gone through the comments, some try to judge, some try to abuse, some say the truth. It is not her fault that she exposes her body, it is your fault that you have thrown the gospel of Salvation away and refuse to Evangelize God’s word which Changes us from Adamic nature to Whom God wants us to be.

  29. I have gone through the comments, some try to judge, some try to abuse, some say the truth. It is not her fault that she exposes her body, it is your fault that you have thrown the gospel of Salvation away and refuse to Evangelize God’s word which Changes us from Adamic nature to Whom God wants us to be.

  30. Your body is the temple of the most high God you most keep it Holy, and remember the organ’s or private part’s of your body is a dust and dust shall it return one day so whatever any one would boost of in life he or she should remember one day everyone will die and leave them because we are not of this world so repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

  31. I think she is so so fool of her self thinking that she beautiful and sexy, my Dr friend if I were u I will let go of industry n think how to serve Christ with my body,u see this think call life is shot,if u don’t know how to make used of it u will end up in hell. So repent n follow Christ.

  32. Zambia welcome to the new world order, we are yet to see more than this, what can we say? People need ferm, money, expensive wine, luxury cars, so they are ready to do anything for money, honestly I never expected this from Zambia,No matter how you hid we gonna know you.

  33. This woman should come to Nigeria, synagogue. Prophet Tb Joshua will locate the devil out of her. It’s guys that doesn’t understand the spiritual realms that will love her filthy exposure! She is a Queen from the marine kingdom and it’s when she absorp the glory possess her supporters with satanic demons, they will now know she’s nothing than the ancient serpent who deceived our forefathers

  34. This is truly appalling and against all known and acceptable behavior in our settings. Zambia is a Christian nation, though global culture is negatively affecting us as in this ‘figo’
    nude show, the church must rise above this challenge, the government should partner the church and restore sanity through a precise moral reawakening in communities and schools throughout Zambia. I think Jesus loves her and will want her back as His child.

  35. wetin dey vex me pass nah say sompple go just dey comment rubbish if u know say u no wan comment well den stay far away from the comment box…..besides dix stuff is legal in the states y’all know so shut ur damn traps and again is her life anything she does with it we all believe we are all gonna be judged… it’s legal please iffu no sabi

    • So you want to tell me that if your mother dressed like this on social media every body watching everywhere you’ll be happy? OKEKE.
      we are an African with dignity and respect we should not let this stupid foreign cuture destroyed what our fothfathers labour for.

  36. This is not acceptable, she’s contributing to moral decay in our nation Zambia. I believe she deserve to be taught a lesson at least.

  37. Nonsense girl this one is not allow please do some thing to stop this nonsense and nutty girl to save other girls she is crazy for doing that, police should do their work well on that stupid that call her self A musician, let’s say nose Africans for our girls thare plans, off making money this day is devil’s full’s way let’ all of us say NO to this god bless<>>>AFRICANS,BIAFRANS,IGBO S ISRAEL,JERUSALEM—–>>>>>>}NIGERINS

  38. She knows her reason for that picture,& she isn’t the first to do that,she might have been acting porn movies,& that’s were she found her happiness.

  39. Lady, the message I have for you is to repent of your evil ways least the coming of the Lord meet you unaware. This is an evil act from the pit of hell. Jesus is coming soon .

  40. Such stupidly from adults??? Y’all actually think this is cool and she did a good job??? FOH. There goes our African children wandering in the wilderness of the West…

  41. Who wanted to see her nakedness, we should find other other ways of exposure and preserve dignity and respect, may God forgive her

  42. This is satan s territory so children of God just not West your words on the gods of this world we should not supposed to attend or view this beasts images this is evel no judge it’s as it is

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