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Funny List: 12 Of The Funniest Tweets About Whistle Blowing That We’ve Seen

Every other day in Nigeria, the EFCC recovers a stash of millions of dollars.

They recently recovered the sum of $43.4 million, N23.2 million and £27,800 in a mansion in Ikoyi. The money was found in raw cash.

The EFCC has a whistleblower policy in place, which means that whoever leads them to stolen funds, gets a cut of the money

A lot of Nigerians have been making hilarious whistleblower jokes on twitter and here are the funniest ones we’ve seen.

1. Seems like Ikoyi has a lot of empty mansions filled with cash


2. When they can’t tell you how they’re making money


3. For the ones who love to brag


4. Whistleblowing is the way forward


5. You better update your CV


6. The whistleblower starter pack


7. When they refuse to dash you something


8. Even governors are whistleblowers. Stay woke


9. You need to know the real details


10. Everyone who lives in Ikoyi is about to become a whistle blower


11. Serious prayer


12. Mood always

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