funny story: I Called Madam Who Was Owing Me & She Didn’t Take My Calls… What Happened Next Is Crazily Hilarious!!!

I called someone who was owing me and she didn’t take my calls, I called 10 times Still no answer..  Then I decided to send a message

Hello Ma, I’m not calling for the money, I just wanted to tell u dat 2 girls were fighting over your hubby in town today, It was a big match and he was just there watching and then one girl managed to escape and got in the car and they drove away).. then I sent..

After some minutes she called me and I ignored, she kept calling and I found 21 missed calls from her and a message which reads (where was the fight, where did they go, did u recognize the girls pls tell me, for am falling apart)

I just read and didn’t respond… She called again, 5 times and I didn’t answer then another message from her …. I have your money can we meet and u tell me more… then I replied, ok u can do transfer so that I pass by the filling station to refuel then I will pick u and drive u to one of the girls place coz I know them..

after 2 mins I checked my a/c balance, my money was fully paid.

I then switched off my phone and slept like a baby!


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Written by awwal

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