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Future of the African online gambling industry

The online gambling industry is blossoming in Africa at a tremendous rate for various reasons.
While the casino market suffered significantly from the lockdown restriction, things have been
improving recently, especially in online gambling sites.

If you’ve summarized the Nigerian gambling landscape, you’ll note that many African casinos
are growing their communities with great promotions and impressive offers. Here’s a look at the
African online gambling market and its future.

The Artificial Intelligence revolution

The use of robots and AI to perform human tasks is increasingly becoming important in Africa’s
growing online gambling industry. AI is a major game-changer for commerce, internet safety
and banking.

In the African online gambling industry, artificial intelligence use is most evident in chatbots for
customer assistance, user data security, payment processing and authenticating digital
documents. The tech will continue powering the future of Africa’s online gambling sites,
improving different faucets.

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The rise of a billion-dollar gambling industry

Recent studies show that 11.5% of global internet users are African and visit online gambling
sites regularly. As such, it’s clear the continent is home to millions of online gambling
enthusiasts who directly and indirectly contribute to the iGaming industry. That’s despite legal
issues significantly hindering the rise of online casinos across the continent.
Instant games are gaining traction

Instant casino games are the new sensation among African gamblers today. For instance,
Nigeria’s online gambling market has thousands of gamblers that are quickly embracing instant
games, with Bingo being among the most popular titles in this regard.
In South Africa, Lotto games dominate the instant games market as they’ve been around for
decades. As such, instant games will continue contributing significantly to the future of Africa’s
online gambling market thanks to the country’s widespread smartphone use and access to high-
speed internet.    

What does that mean for Africa’s online gambling landscape?
Since the 50s, every industry has heavily relied on technological advancements to move to the
next level. Today’s cutting-edge technology is accelerating the rate at which Africans join the

online gambling community. For instance, South Africa and Kenya were among Africa’s first
nations to embrace 5G technology, which has permanently changed the nature of our
communication. Kenya  

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The advent of 5G networks and increased smartphone use in Africa has greatly impacted the
continent’s online gambling industry. As a result, 5 G’s impact on Africa’s growing online
gambling business is rapidly growing throughout the continent, especially in countries with
strong economies.

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