Hilarious Revelation!!! Please Who Drank Them?! Guinness To Record Sales Of 3 Billion Bottles Of Beer This Year In Nigeria!


Nigerian Breweries recorded sales of almost N300 billion in 2015 while Guinness is expected to record sales of N275 billion totaling almost N600 Billion (About $3 billion) which is about 3% of our GDP.

That is about 3 billion bottles of beer and when distributed across 170 million people, it is about 200 bottles per person a year.

My Assumption:

a. The average Nigerian is either a Muslim or a Christian; while both religions enjoined adherents to avoid alcohol.
b. In a country of unassailable contradictions… more churches and mosques than anywhere else on the continent.
c. Interestingly, this does not include ponkriyon, sobotone, paraga, alomo, kerewa, akpeteshi, ogogoro, palmwine, agbara, etc

My Wonderment

So, who drank N600 billion worth of Beer in one year in Nigeria?

Honestly am serious o …who drank it?* Because meee GQ! I Don’t Even Take Alcohol. LMAO!!!


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  1. This is one situation buhari should look into, how we no go enter recession for this country when people are taking beer like water, imagine N600billion. ahhhhh

  2. Hello GQ. You should try to investigate properly before trying to run down facts. For your information these companies also produces soft drinks like Amstel ,Fayrouz and all other Malt drink which I know you consume in high quantity. None of these companies would come out and specify in their sales report and say it is only beer when they sell other brands. And also for your info believe them when they say so they might even reduce the figures so people like you don’t get to know their actual profit. Take Note they are multinationals.

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