Horror! Jealous Family Dog Mauls Newborn Twin Girls To Death After She Struggled For 9 Years to Conceive (Photos)

A dog that was jealous of a family’s newborn twin girls has mauled them to death.

A family have been thrown into a state of mourning after their jealous family dog killed newborn twin sisters died in a savage manner.

The tragic incident happened in Brazil.

The premature twin girls — Anne and Analú — were mauled to death by the animal when their mother, Elaine Novais, left them briefly to speak to a neighbor.

According to The Sun, the baby girls died on June 23, the same day they were scheduled to be born by cesarean. But they arrived a month early.

The dog involved in the killing of the twins is Labrador and American Foxhound mix. The animal had been with the family for five years, and has been described usually docile. However, since the arrival of Anne and Analú, the dog became jealous after losing affection from its owners.

The reports claimed on the day of the incident that happened in Piripá, in the northeastern state of Bahia, the 29-year-old mother of the twins rushed to her bedroom where the 26 day-old babies lay after hearing their cries. After reaching the room, she pulled the dog away from the children but the animal had already critically damaged the abdomen of the two.

They were rushed to the hospital, however, doctors said that one of the babies died even before reaching the hospital while the other one suffered a cardiac arrest and the medical team could not save her.

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