hOt Photos: TBoss Shows Off cleaavage, Revealing Her Pierced Nips… Also Reacts To The Ongoing Drama About Her Brother

TBoss is the most controversial housemate when she was in the house, and of course continues after she left.

It has been from one TBoss story to another.. If she isn’t trending today, her sister’d trend tomorrow, her brother next, Kemen next.. It’s all been about TBoss for the past week.

Yesterday, she outrightly responded to the Kemen issue that has been trending for a while now. It should be noted that, Kemen is the Number 1 trending topic on Twitter today.

Away from Kemen issue… Her brother Christopher.. has been accused of being a woman beater. He was also accused of aborting his ex-girlfriend’s baby

After the accusation, Tunde Ednut re-ignite the war he had with the Idowu Family. See here.

TBoss seems not to be bothered about the whole drama on Social Media.

In reaction to the whole drama that has been trending on Social Media, she has decided to keep quiet.

She shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “What’s popping #BossNation???…… Sometimes all you gotta do is just Sshhhhhh…”

.. and then she went on her snapchat to share cleaavage revealing shots of herself rocking a brown bra, stylishly showing off her pierced tips.



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