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I Am Successfully Single – Senator Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi Central is one of the top Nigerian politicians with high penchant for luxurious items as cars and expensive clothing.

In this interview with Bode Gbadebo, Dino Melaye reveals that he is successfully single and talks about other personal things about him that may not be known.

You seem to have a glamourous lifestyle given your dress sense and collection of automobiles…

Anyway, I would say that my dress sense and collections of cars is a passion. I wear things that look nice on me and I try to look smart. Different people have different passion. For some, homosexualism is their passion and they can spend any amount of money on it. For some, diamond is their passion and they can spend any amount of money on it. If you argue with me, you can ask Diezani.

For some, blood is their passion, occultism, and they can spend any amount of money to get blood. For some, it’s bikes and for some, it’s cocaine. So, as Dino Melaye, if my passion is automobiles, I should not be castigated for it. I have no regrets. For me it’s a passion and looking good for me it’s a hobby.

Are you aware that people talk about your living style?

I don’t feel perturbed at all and it doesn’t get to me at all because I know that whatever I’m driving and whatever I’m wearing are not products of corruption. The little God has provided for me is not ill-gotten and I should be able to spend my money the way I feel without forgetting that I need to take care of the needy and poor and that I’m doing graciously.

What designers do you patronise?

I patronise different designers depending on what it is. For clothing, I have designers that I appreciate. Shoes, I have designers that I appreciate. Belts, I have designers that I appreciate. Watches, I have different designers that I patronise even slippers. So, it depends on what kind of fashion gadget or ornament I’m wearing.

Specifically, what designer wristwatch and belt do you patronise?

For watches, I have different types of designers. Out of all my brands, I really love Franck Muller, I love Patek, Felipe, I love Rolex watches and I also appreciate watches like Jaypad. For my belt, most of my belts are Ferragamo and Versace belts.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to all kinds of music but I love traditional music because it teaches more sense and lessons. More importantly, I listen to gospel music.

Why do you subscribe to your type of fashion?

Because it’s more original to look yourself. It’s more original for you to wear what your think makes you happy than to copy someone. So, Dino is not a photocopy. I’m original and I initiate my own style.

Where is your favourite tourist destination in Nigeria?

I enjoyed Jos before it became volatile. I love the climate, I love the weather, I love the serenity of the town, and I love the mountainous nature of the communities around Jos. I also enjoy the Obudu Cattle Ranch. I enjoy the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi.

I have visited Olumo Rock more than three or four times. So, this country is blessed with a lot of tourist attraction places of historical relevance. Gidan Makama in Kano is another good place I visit often.

What is your relationship with the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

I appreciate Nigerian artistes in Nollywood, music industry and comedy. Nigerian artistes are the best in the world. I appreciate them, I promote them where I can, I associate with them, I encourage them and I would say I respect them.

What do you eat?

Initially, some years ago I do not pay particular attention to what I eat but when I crossed 40, I started regulating my meals. Now, I’m on special diet not because I’m sick but because I need to be healthy. So, I eat healthy things, I take more greens now, I take more of vegetables. In fact, I do little or no starch. Again, I stopped taking red meat, I do more of sea foods and fish. I’m quite particular now about my meals. It’s a little portion. I’m trying to work on my three packs now to become six packs.

Dino Melaye also talks on his Favourite colours

White, blue, and red in that order.

Tell us about your family sir?

My family is great, my family is wonderful. I love my kids to the moon. My kids are my friends. I have a wonderful family, a God-fearing family. And again, I’m successfully single.

How do you relax?

I read books, I do a lot of exercise, I go to the gym. When time permits, I watch movies and I write a lot. I love to travel, I love to spend time on the mountain, I love to spend time by waterside, I listen to music and I play soccer.

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  1. Quite a shame ur ignorant/dogmatic views abt”d man”*Dino Malaye**Anyway,bound out of partisan Sentiments..Wats wrong in being Real?*Inasmuch as I don’t expect an epitome of moral decency 4m human,bt character’Dino’earns my Respect&Applause 4 his views&dogedness in..infact,Evrytin..

  2. Shame to have people like Dino as law makers . Would he swear by the bible that the cars are not from the proceed of curruption?

  3. Dino Melaye is a Charlatan, he does not care about what people say about him even if he is right or wrong. Distinguished Senator my foot. Those cars are from his hard earned money isn’t it? Nigeria don suffer.

  4. He has acquired all those cars and already a wealthy man before venturing into politics so you people should mind how you talk, he worked for his money and can spend it the way he likes, in less than 1 week, E money bought a Rolls Royce for his wife and also got one for himself valued at over 300million each and also gifted a comedian a Benz worth 15million as a birthday gift but no one criticized him, so why the hate? When you see good things, appreciate it and pray to God for such type of blessing.

  5. You people that are calling an elderly man fool should watch ur self you can’t get to his level either you like it or not

  6. You are my senator aldo I am from akwa ibom state, I love you for being your​ self please enjoy your life God you, God bless Nigeria

  7. In as much as I like you distinguish senator Dino Melaye, I earnestly advice you to go and get married and settle down as age isn’t by your side anymore..

  8. Carry on my able and distinguish senator, he is a man of the people I wonder why some elements are critizing him for no reason, sir my advice for u is to get a wife to settle down with, u are a Christian and d Bible says its not good for a man to live alone, God bless u my distinguish senator

  9. I love this man,he is very open I Wonder why people are being jealous of this man, haters leave Dino Meleye alone and face your business or you go and hug of my best senator, carry go nothing do you.

  10. To those that r insulting Oga Dino, what about ur Governor that r selfish. For me, I don’t c anything wrong for Oga Dino. I love the Man.Most of u voted 4 Buhari for extra suffering. Dino is 100% better than Buhair.

  11. See what poverty and hunger has turned all of you haters too my hornorable distinguish senator Mr, Dino milaye too. We’re where your father’s when he was making his money? At the farm. You all should stop talking nonsense fools.

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