“I Will Kill Myself, If Buhari loses The Election, I Can’t Afford To Live Under Atiku Presidency” – Nigerian Man Says

In what can be regarded as a weird move, A man has taken to his Facebook page to post on how he is going to commit suicide if Buhari loses the coming Presidential election.

In a post, which has since gone viral as it has been shared several times, the man wrote that he will commit suicide before the swearing in of the new President as he won’t be able to bear living under the Atiku Presidency:

If Buhari lose the February 16th Presidential election, I will commit suicide before May 29th because I can’t afford to live under Atiku Presidency. So help me God.

He wrote;

“If Buhari lose the February 16th Presidential election, I will commit suicide before May 29th because I can’t afford to live under Atiku Presidency. So help me God.”


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    • What is he waiting for? The grand is not yet full. His death wouldn’t matter because Buhari government policies have killed many innocent Nigerians masses that voted for him 2015. One person dying now if he loss doesn’t make any sense. Pls let him die fast.

  1. You have suicide tendency already so start preparing your suicide plans. You can’t endure existing under Atiku presidency but that is what I pray for daily. By the day, what is so good about Buhari Presidency. Buhari is a goner while Atiku is a comer. Brother, you can start getting rid of yourself.

    • You are not God. Because you are licking left over plate of APC. The innocent Nigerians will vote Atiku in to create employment for Nigerian.

  2. Maybe suicide is in your blood line,bcos nigerians cannot continue on this cripple govt ,they ve failed woefully, am sorry for u bcos if u know God you will not post this rubbish ,may ur soul rest in peace already

  3. Mr Man, I’m greatly disappointed in you
    Why don’t you simply donate your organs to those who know the value of & appreciate life
    U no do well ooh
    If to say you be my Bros,I for don begin arrange buyers make I loss you plus money join.
    Yeye dey smell

  4. Neither Buhari nor Atiku Knows
    of your existence. If you chose to live or die is non of their business. Chosing to die for Buhari if Atiku wins the presidency is stupidity and a challenge to God’s sovereignty in giving power to whosoever He deems fight.This makes sense if you are not an Atheist.But if you claim to be a believer in God,what does your religion teach you on this subject before you kill yourself?

  5. My brother no need for that, Atiku is already a looser, we don’t need looter like him again to rule the country, there’s an indict that says the devil you know what better than the Angels you do not know, chikena.

  6. you better kill ur self immediately, before the election, because God almighty have answered the prayers of the innocent people killed by buhari himself… Abeg drink acid now now. Idiot

  7. What are still wheithing for please do it now before that date comes .he is a killer already so go on my brother is a free world idolt

  8. What are you still wheithing for please do it now before that date comes .he is a killer already so go on my brother is a free world idolt

  9. Your life is not worth the lives of many that wasted during this administration. RIP my dear. You are a fool by accepting to be a political sacrificial animal. I pity you parents

  10. Don’t mind this person, he doesn’t own a PVC let alone to die. He is joking, he is seeing signs of defeat to his candidate. Even when you fill buhari will loose, pls, don’t take even a goat life, let alone the life you call yours, it actually belongs to God.

  11. Decision without conclusion could be change at anytime but any decision with final conclusion iremains unchangeable. Mr man have u made ur conclusion because the remaining Bihari supporters will be caping for ur dead body.

  12. What are you waiting for, no need to wait b4 he looses because he already loose it even this one you call life now is this na life,abeg go and die and go to hell fire jarri

  13. Pls idiot what is your contribution or important to this nation? Had it been I know where to locate you I will be the first to slaughter in pieces. Born of no use.

  14. You better die now because the wind of “let get Nigeria working again” is on the rise. Ewu, akuya, eranko die so that people with less comprehension memory will reduce. Idiot!

  15. U are just an empty barrel, and a frustrated lazy fellow who makes the most noise. Must you let your intention known? Really men do what they have to do without blowing a trumpent.

  16. I pity ur life .infact u ar a disgrace to d nation .y not dey for peace to rain little in 9ja.ur kind we b no doubt a suicide bombers we take poles life.God is watching he knows d mind of all he created.u might nt even leave to see DAT day dats y God is get..

  17. It’s good for you to die no way for you to win this election..your time is not good for us please let atiku be our president..

  18. Nigerians are getting wiser. Thank God is only yourself, unlike others that will go about killing innocent Nigerians. What your about to do will make a hero. May God help you to achieve your utmost desire.

  19. U ar a disgrace to this country, u want to die abi,die now,go ahead.political scapegoat. Who knows you in dis country, die jhoor so that the population of fools will reduce

  20. Be ready to do just that , cus he has already lost . kill yourself 👴 🔫🔪. People will celebrate your passing 🎸🎺🎵🎼

  21. It is better you die now because 80% of the electorates are Atikulated. We are tired of incompetence, victimization, lies, false propaganda and acute hunger. We are tired of the Fulani herdsmen war against defenceless Nigerians and our farmers. We are tired with buying fuel for 145 Naira/ litre. We are tired of the government ‘s insensitivity. Our economy is dead and our naira has been killed!

  22. Don’t worry Mr buhari will win because atiku has nothing to offer Nigerians even a weak buhari is better than a standing atiku who’s intention is to sell Nigeria to himself and his friends

  23. Who even kw u. Even buharia no kw u. Just die who cares. Just get prepared to die cause Atiku is Coming.. Hahahahhaak😂. Hell is waiting 4 u 😈

  24. Please go ahead and terminate ur life hence u don’t know how Paramount ur life is before the people around u just know that he’ll is already waiting to receive u.

  25. U are very stupid who are tell u will kill ur self, u do want to do it if really u want to u will not tell any 1 u for just live it with in your self to die with direct certificate to hell.

  26. Truly, a man who won’t die for something is not fit to live. Just let the fool die foolishly as the comments here even led credence of the fact that he’s loosing already.

  27. Mumu, what are u still waiting for? Better look for sniper or otapiapia now, cus Nigerians are tired of sectional, incompetence, tyrant and dictatorship. Cabals should go!!!! Gbagam….!!!!!!!

  28. don’t die before buhari will win, bcs not buhari DAT spoil Nigeria ,is their 16years rules DAT spoil Nigeria, seen d day they change Nigeria money ,seen then Nigeria has finish but we don’t no,bcs I remember d time of obasojo in ondo state almost 13 weeks students stay at home, bcs their is strike, bcs Nigeria problem 2 is bcs their 16year rules, atiku sell NEPA he put Nigeria for darkness, if he come back again ,he we sell me and u bcs hr want be richest person in d word,so DAT Nigeria should sleep and think very well

  29. Give me ur ATM pin n BVN number b4 u die, werey the road will be too dark remember to carry touch light if u re going, buhari will escort u when the time reach, fool.

  30. A fool like you deserve to die because you are not reasonable…RIP foolish boy cause you dont reason like a matured man

  31. No no no,dont kill urself o.cos na baba buhari go still win.he go finish his 8 yrs b4 he pack.if he do too much we tell him to go on 3rd term.

  32. We don’t need someone that will rule Nigeria but lie on a sick bed in unknown hospital in overseas we healthy president the man that God will work through him to revived Nigeria Buhari is too old for us.

  33. U are a fool for such talk why not u die today.see u nah una dey so that they go give una money mumu cow goat ⛑️🏥🚑

  34. I vote for Buhari, becuz he had done what Jonathan has not, if you vote for Atiku his own will be more than Buhari, ATIKU NA THIEF, HE WILL SELL NIGERIA

  35. Buhari won already, so don’t worry my brother, let us come out and vote for Buhari on that 16 February. Saiiiii Babaaaaaaaaaàsss

  36. Nobody is waiting for you and to announce your death, just hang yourself now. Nobody know on this Earth and God still dey ask angel if they mode u when he comot.

  37. Plz don’t die alone plz ,die with all ur family and APC member and above all plz don’t forget to die with buhari him self plz and rest in hell in by die well

  38. Plz don’t die alone plz ,die with all ur family and APC member and above all plz don’t forget to die with buhari him self plz and rest in hell in by die well

  39. I beg Buhari and Atiku who know u . If u die u die for notin dem go dey live dia life de go . U just de drink panadol for anoda person headache

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