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“I’m Sorry Cardi B… I’m So Ashamed” – Summer Bunni Tearfully Apologises For Destroying Cardi B’s Marriage [Video]

The woman who Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B with has apologized to Cardi B in a tearful video after it was revealed that Cardi and Offset have split.

Summer Bunni cried openly while telling TMZ that she feels guilty about sleeping with Offset. She said it was never her intention to be a homewrecker but she didn’t know how serious Offset and Cardi’s marriage was.

Offset allegedly has a three_some with Summer and Cuban Doll. Word got out that it was Summer’s hooking up with Offset that was a catalyst in the break up of the celebrity couple’s marriage.

Summer, while apologising for her part in breaking their marriage, said she hasn’t had anything to do with Offset since Cardi had their baby.

Bunny apologized to Cardi in the video and said she hopes Cardi and Offset will get back together.

Watch the video below;

Written by awwal

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  1. Offset is a pussy it doesn’t matter if that slut said it was never her intention,she knew their we’re married , shouldn’t jumped when she heard he had problems in their marriage and his a slut too ,cardi please he doesn’t deserve you at all…fuck him u have more than enough money to look after yourself and your baby daughter,blood comes first 😘

  2. Offset is such a jack,,he and cardi were a good couple,now its cardis choice if she wants to be lured back to marriage to that,,,,,

  3. Cardi, Offset might be your baby father
    But if he ain’t willing to change his disgusting ways of doing things then leave him the fuck alone…. there’s more to life than being cheated on make your family n your kids proud baby girl…. Much love

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