INTERESTING!! Native Doctor Cries Out After Being ‘Fed By Witches’ In The Dream [Pictures]

Nigerian Native Doctor, identified as Chi Marine on facebook, has taken to the platform to lament after being fed by witches in his dream last night.


According to him, the witches wanted to kill him which was why they fed him poisoned food in the dream but he “overcame”.

He wrote;

“The PERSON that brought food for me in dream so you don’t know that lion those not sleep with two eyes please try next time I am waiting to finish your food and make sure you put it enough salt.

Witches stop waisting your time By bringing food to feed me in dream even If i eat it nothing will happen I am always ready for you evil people 24/ 7 nothing can make me go down by you evil people keep note OFIAAFULU AGU ONE is not a small bush.

To all witches all over the world even if you gather hand and cook food for me believe me I will finish it without being affected but make sure you add it water.

Witches when next you want get me food in dream make sure is not rice becouse I don’t like rice and stew I so much love cow meat and vegetable soup please rember to add salt and water.

Since you evil witches have try food own and did not suicide, can you send a prety girl for me to night so I can round up your mission believe me I will pregnant her and make a uslees in your kingdom.

When i said about the stupid food witches came to give me last night some people think I am playing funny game, just watch this video and see this evil winches came to put accident for me, but it end with good news. Thunder visit you all that believe in evil plans against my people is jump and pass. Victory is sure”.

Written by Dare

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