Iran To Avenge The Death Of General Killed In Us Air Strike Ordered By Donald Trump – President Rouhani

Iranian President, Hasan Rouhani has announced that they will be avenging the death of its Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleiman, who was killed in a US air strike ordered by President Donald Trump.

In a statement posted on the Iranian government website, Rouhani said Soleimani’s death redoubled the determination of the nation of Iran and other free nations to stand against ”America’s bullying and upholding of Islamic values.”

The statement partly reads;

“There is no doubt that the great nation of Iran and the other free nations of the region (Iran’s allies across the Middle East) will take revenge for this gruesome crime from criminal America.

“Soleimani’s martyrdom … by the aggressor and criminal America has saddened the heart of the nation of Iran and all the nations of the region.

“His death has redoubled the determination of the nation of Iran and other free nations to stand against America’s bullying and defend Islamic values

“This vile and cowardly act is another sign of America’s desperation and weakness in the region.”

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  1. Iran should seek Russia’s support,on a normal level no country can stand Iran in the middle East if not of Americas support, especially Isreal,or is it Saudi dat wants to Confront Iran?,lol..Isreal ,Saudi Arabia licks Americas balls for military cover ,let America just leave them for a month,both Israel ad Saudi will b history..Iran u need allies,week Russia’s support ,let them flood ur country with the S500 anti aircraft system ,and support u militarily in other aspect ,trust me America and the other rats won’t dare stand up to u again

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