Joke: The Epic Discussion Between Two Ghosts That Will Make You Laugh All Day!

1st ghost: Hey
2nd ghost: Hey
1st ghost: How did u die??
2nd ghost: I was mistakenly locked up in a refrigerator. At first, I was chilling, then, I started freezing, & then, I couldn’t breathe again… I died of suffocation.
1st ghost: Wow… what a sad way to die.
2nd ghost: Yeah. How did u die?
1st ghost: I died of heart attack.
2nd ghost: What happened?
1st ghost: My wife cheated on me. I came back home & saw a man’s pair of shoes. Then, I rushed to the bedroom & met only my wife there. I knew a man came & the man was stil in the house b’cos my wife was undressed & scared. So, I started running & searching the whole house. I searched the kid’s room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, wadrobe & dinning. I was very tired of running, so I got a heart attack.
2nd ghost: *BASTARD*!!! *Why didnt u check the refrigerator? The bastard was hiding in the refrigerator! Assuming u checked the refrigerator, by now, we both would’ve been alive???

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Written by awwal

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