LIST: Check Out Exclusive List Of 10 Struggles That Are Too Difficult For New Mothers To Deal With

J 802-31 tears Ann Marie Young, 25, cries as she grapples with depression brought on by a gunshot wound during a robbery that left her a paraplegic, unable to care for herself or her two young children. After Young tried to commit suicide three times and her mother could no longer meet her serious medical needs, she was moved to the Golden Age Home in Kingston, Jamaica, surrounded by residents who are decades older than her. The children now live with relatives. Food For The Poor staff photo by Benjamin Rusnak

Everyone loves babies.

Babies are adorable, chubby and very cuddly. Why wouldn’t anyone love babies? No human being sees a baby without going “aw” especially when they laugh or smile.

While the human race may be a sucker for cute babies, new mothers don’t have it easy. They get to do a lot of the behind the scenes associated with the cuteness we often see.


1. Sitting down is a chore

2. Your clothes don’t fit

Your big stomach is gone so you can’t wear your maternity clothes. And you still can’t fit into your pre-baby clothes because of the baby weight.


3. You’re still a glutton

You’re still eating for two. Even though you’ve given birth, you’re still eating for you and baby since you’re breastfeeding.


4. You still can’t drink alcohol

Yep! Alcohol is still restricted because even though you’ve been craving some for months, you’re gonna be breastfeeding. So, alcohol is still off the menu.


5. Sleep for you is a thing of the past

Because your newborn wakes up every hour screaming his/her head off. This is you every morning:


6. And the disgusting smells

How can something so cute and adorable make something that smells that bad?!


7. Your feet is still swollen

Everything seems to be swollen. You can’t even catch a break.


8. You’re invisible

The moment you walk into a room with your newborn, you might as well be invisible because everyone is gushing over him/her.


9. Your hormones are still messing with you

Crying at every drop of the pin because of hormones. Raging hormones that haven’t gone away.


10. You become paranoid

Now that you’re a mother, you become aware of every tiny thing that could harm your precious newborn.

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