List: Hilarious Formats Ladies Saves Male Contact Names On Their Phone

Girls and boys have different ways of doing things. Even how they save contact numbers of people is very different.


Try peeping at girl’s phone, you’re likely to crack up, thanks to the hilarious names they’ve given to male contacts on their phone.

According to the ladies, how they save your name depends on your status, looks, circumstances you met, your position in their life and so on. To them, this makes it easier to remember you and set the tone for a conversation.

Let’s see some of these hilarious names.

1. Never Answer

This is the most popular one I’ve seen, “Never Answer” is usually a persistent ex-boyfriend who just won’t let go. As the name implies, your calls are never to be picked so when the caller ID show up, you would just be ignored like you never exist.



2. Idiot 1 or Asshole 1

There could be more assholes she meet in a day, but it tells you are the first that made it to her phone. Maybe you said something to piss her off or you are just jerk. You probably deserve that name.



3. [Insert Name Of Place You Met] [Insert Physique] [Insert Anything Nice About Him]

So this is when ladies just do not remember your name and do not want to sound rude by asking again so they save your name based on where you met, your physical looks and anything they remember about you, for eg. Firefly Night Club Tall Bald guy, at least you stand a chance if your name is saved this nicely ??



4. [Insert Sponsor’s Role]

This is pretty straight forward, these guys have their names saved according to the roles they play in the girl’s life. For instance, if you are just kind at dashing out airtime (mobile credit), your name is saved simply “Airtime”, you are only called whenever airtime is needed ??, “Food” means you are excellent at ordering takeaway from restaurants and getting it delivered to her ? and so on.



5. [Insert Name] and social media

For example, James Facebook, Mike Tinder etc.. Since social media has facilitated the dating process, the social media on which you guys met will be added to your name. This is not entirely bad.



6. [Insert Name] and Emoji

For example, “Patrick ??”, this is officially reserved for the real boyfriends or when they want to go extreme, they’ll save the name under “Boo Of Life ??”. Boyfriends always have a special name.



7. FWB or FB

Girls have needs too, boys whose names are saved like this are not relationship materials but have game sexually so they’re occasionally called during rainy days to come and warm the bed for her. That’s their only task in the girl’s life.



8. Bestie

Boys whose names are saved under bestie have officially been friend-zoned and not even a presidential pardon can save them from the zone. They’re usually the most-called contact on a girl’s phone and are harmless in every way, simply because they’re usually great listeners and have enough time on their hands to listen to the girl’s countless heartbreaks.




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