List: See What Carlos Tevez Can Buy With His Crazy Salary… £615,000-Per-Week [Pounds]!

01. Carlos Tevez is reported to be earning a £615,000-per-week salary at Shanghai Shenhua. If true, that would make him the best-paid player in the world before tax! GQ! looks at what ludicrous things Tevez can splash his lucrative paycheck on



02. Three Ferrari 488s at a cost of £183,984 each. He would even have change to buy five Nissan Micras as well!



03. A one bedroom apartment outside of London. Tevez might need to save up for a few weeks to afford somewhere in central London.



04. One of only twelve composite dodo skeletons was sold for £346,000 in November, meaning Tevez could possibly offer the owners a larger amount to get his hands on the extinct bird.



05. Rafael Nadal’s custom-made Richard Mille wristwatch. Although there may be just one ‘RM027’ watch, so Tevez may need to look elsewhere.



06. Parking spaces in Manhattan can cost up to a quarter of a million dollars each. Tevez could buy two so he will have somewhere to keep his new Ferraris.



07. Three bedroom beachfront holiday home looking out over the sea in Thailand. It’s not too far to travel from Shanghai for a bit of time off!



08. Over 3,000 round trip tickets from Shanghai to Buenos Aires. However, to avail of this price, Tevez may have to have a couple of stopovers on the way!



09. Two-and-a-half Jordan Rossiters. The midfielder moved from Liverpool to Rangers for £250,000 in July. Rossiter could fill in for Tevez if he’s ever too tired to play.



10. 820 million balloons. Tevez might want to plan a party to celebrate his move to China, and will need some key party essentials like balloons!



11. Over 3,000 Sony Playstation 4 consoles. Tevez is leaving his beloved Boca Juniors for China, so may want to stay playing as them on the gaming console.




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