List: WTF!! These 11 Funny Bible Verses Will Definitely Creep You Out

Most of us grew up reading ‘The Holy Bible’ at a very young age and were scared by some of the stories within. Of course, many of those stories were undoubtedly beautiful and touching, including the Golden Rule, but the ones including rape, foreskin and donkey dicks were creepy and scary enough for a ten-year-old. Here are eleven of such weird and bizarre passages from ‘The Holy Bible’ that will make you say WTF!

1) Yeah…they’re really weird!


Ezek. 23 uses the “whorish” behaviour of a pair of women for the unfaithful and ungodly behaviours of Israelites from two nations; “Oholah is Samaria, and Oholibah is Jerusalem.” Ezekiel 23 is as a warning to the nations of the Earth to not be Godless in our actions toward other nations, or God will give permission for the other nations to kill the former.

2) Show her no pity, dude! She deserves no less

3) Ruin a day, ruin a life. Amazing logic!

4) Looks like people drank urine back then.

5) Talk about women empowerment!

6) I’ve started to dislike the ancient people now.

7) This, is really disturbing. Did people seriously behave like this in the past?

8) Looks like God hates figs. 

9) Lot’s daughters get him drunk and sleep with him to get pregnant.

10) God once told poor Ezekiel to eat poop cakes, sad!

11) And in today’s world, we find a good job to marry a girl.

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