Man Seeks DIVORCE A Day After Marriage After Realising His Wife Has Been Wearing FAKE Bum Bum

A heartbreaking man is contemplating leaving his wife just within 24 hours of them getting married in a church wedding after he realised that his wife has been wearing a deceptive Bum Bum.


The man’s thought of getting a divorce from his wife of one day is due to his realization that the shape of the woman he thought he was marrying is not the same as the one he married.

According to the man who shared his grievances with popular relationship expert David Papa Bondze-Mbir, he and the wife had agreed to stay chaste during dating.

All through their time of courtship he had known his woman to have a well endowed backside which is one of the things that got him attracted to her.

But on the night of their wedding when they decided to consummate their marriage for the first time, he was surprised to to see that the backside of her wife was not as big as he had thought.

For him, the big backside was a deal breaker and he has been disturbed since coming to the realization that his wife actually had smaller size than he thought.

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