“Maybe her spiritual husband beat her up” — Here’s the Interview Churchill granted that pissed Tonto Dikeh off

Yesterday, Nollywood Actress and Mother of one, Tonto Dikeh started went on yet another ranting spree, where she spilled dirty secrets about her ex-husband, Churchill.

The rants was in reaction to a new interview Churchill granted, at a Ghanaian Media House, which pissed Tonto off, and made her continue her ranting spree.

In the interview, he claimed he gave her N10m as a gift, however,she said it was money she spent on their wedding.


On marriage and life after divorce

“I’ve not seen my child since December and I have no option. I can’t see him forcefully because Tonto Dikeh can use anything against you. She is an extremist. The drama was too much and nobody likes that. “I was warned by friends and family not to marry her but didn’t heed the advice. I gave her the chance and she failed.”

On domestic violence allegations

“She claimed I beat her but at that moment, I wasn’t at home – I was in Ghana. I tried to protect my family but she made things difficult. She’s not someone you can beat! All her allegations were planned to bring me down.

“The incident that happened in my mum’s house was on December 20, 2016. She had a charity event on December 22 but there was no evidence of beatings on her body. You can Google online to see the dates’ intervals about her ‘road fixing’ in Abuja.

As far as I am concerned, I’ve not touched her before. Maybe, it’s her spiritual husband that beat her up. She’s super hyper so I had to stay calm in our marriage. She’s stubborn so you can’t beat her.

Of cheques and gifts

Contrary to claims by Tonto Dikeh that she bought their family car by herself, Olakunle disclosed that he gave a $28,000 cheque to his ex-wife as a gift. Not just that, he added a push gift last Christmas.

“I gave her a 10 million Naira (approximately $28,000) cheque as a gift on Christmas and in addition showered her with a push present. I have a copy of the cheque with me so she should prove me wrong.”

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  1. Look at what someone that called himself a man is saying.the fiscal husband is saying that is the spiritual husband that beat her up. Now the spiritual husband is saying that is the fiscal dear Tonto you have to take heart such is life

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