Get Inspired: Meet CEO and Founder of Lapeppo Real Hairs Mrs Thelma Obika

My name is Thelma Obika i am the ceo founder of lapeppo Real hairs worldwide , we deal on All kinds of hair extension and beauty products, being a Nigerian you are born with the fire to succeed against all odds, I av always said no matter what, I am going to practice my passion and make a living from it.




 Mrs Thelma Obika CEO Lapeppo hairs.
I started my business in 2010, after finishing school in 2009 I worked for some time with mondo vivo limited as a marketing executive, but realised I wasn’t enjoying my job as much as I ought to so I quit, I have a diploma in marketing , BSC in economics and statistics, I am a lover of fashion and everything beautiful,  after I quit my job, I got introduced into the hair extension business by a big client of mine, Mrs toyin, she ordered A weave online and it took 2weeks to arrive, I was lucky to have visited her office that faithful day and she said to me, thelma why don’t u go into the business I and my friends will patronise u , as at then it wasn’t so popular and it was very expensive so I wondered how I was going to cope, I loved it and I was very much interested so I ordered a few from Europe with her help, I was excited when I got my first order. I sold them almost immediately, unfortunately I lost contact with Mrs toyin, so I had to source for new clients and I must tell u it wasn’t easy finding someone to buy a weave for that amount as at that time, I didn’t give up, I will get dressed in the morning one will think I was going to the office, lol I will take my samples and go to big salons on the island and ikeja, offices, make up studios, Banks, and made them an offer of a certain commission if they help me market to their clients and friends , most times no one wanted to buy, but I kept pushing because it was something I wanted to do, after about 2months I started getting calls from salons and banks to come around and show their clients and friends my samples, and that was how I started selling my products till now, within a year I had a lot of clients, I became very happy, I enjoyed every bit even thou it wasn’t all rosy and knew I wanted to remain in the business and make a name,

I also thought about the online marketing but I had challenges of people having to trust me with their cash online, lol, so I thought of getting a store, I worked towards the store project and it came to pass, by God’s grace I now have a second shop, I still do online deliveries but clients want to no your address before they can trust you with their cash! I faced a lot of challenges during this period and they all made me who I am today. If you ever find your self doing something that u don’t enjoy, kindly move, you never can tell where your passion will lead you to, it might not be easy at first but it will be worth it one day! We have sales Rep’s in Abuja, P.H, Uyo and Benin, Pls or pls call 07083412009 , Instagram @lapepporealhairs for purchase and enquires we are at 44 oritshe street off awolowo way ikeja Lagos.
Below are pictures of the hair I sell
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