Miley Cyrus ‘Heartbroken’ For ‘Hurting’ Her Sister Noah With Her Fame

Vocal powerhouse Miley Cyrus has been reigning over hearts all through her career since her childhood.

However, her heightened fame had taken a toll of her little sister Noah who recently opened up about the anxieties, struggles and neglect she faced living under her superstar sister’s shadows, through her new song Young & Sad.

And now, the Wrecking Ball singer’s true feelings about her sister’s emotional ordeal have come to surface.

A source spilled to HollywoodLife that Miley’s heart is breaking for her sister after finding out she had been the cause of hurt and pain for her.

The lyrics to the song read: “My sister’s like sunshine / Always bringing good light wherever she will go / And I was born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadows.”

Hearing this, Miley was hit hard, as “it just breaks her heart to think of her little sister hurting in any way.”

“It’s not something she’s just hearing about. Noah has always confided in her. The cyberbullying Noah dealt with as a child was incredibly hard on the whole family because it really took a toll on her. Miley has dealt with her share of cyberbullying too, but seeing it happen to her precious little sister hurt more than anything,” the grapevine said.

At the same time, the former Disney star is also happy to see her little sister using music as an outlet to express herself.

“Miley is so proud of Noah for taking the pain and putting it into her music and she’s so glad the world is finally seeing how talented Noah is,” said the source.

Another source revealed: “Miley thinks that Noah and the rest of her family are the ones that are the most talented in the family. Miley wishes that Noah would see what Miley sees, she considers her sister a genius.”

“She considers her sister so much more talented than herself and if people don’t see it then that is their fault,” they added.

“Miley is proud of Noah and wants to make her notice that because it breaks her heart that Noah has ever felt different. Miley can’t control her popularity and celebrity but she considers Noah her equal and loves her very much and will do anything to prove that to her and will always be there when Noah needs it. Miley has Noah’s back 100 percent of the time,” they continued.

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Written by David Agboba

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