MIND BLOWING!!! Afro Futurist Artist, Showcases Striking Resemblance Between AFRICAN ANCESTORS And AFRICAN AMERICANS Celebrities!

Jessi Jumanji is a  L.A.-based artist, he showcased this ancestral-themed “Distant Relatives: Familiar Faces” series pairs up famous faces of the diaspora with their historic and ancestral visual counterparts.

A spiritual reunion of sorts between genetic similarities passed down through generations and millennia. Stumbling upon some truly remarkable surprises and similarities between black creatives and our ancestors, “Distant Relatives: Familiar Faces” is an awe-inspiring visual treat.

“The “Distant Relatives: Familiar Faces” series is an exploration that I started few years ago when I first began to research my family history,” Jumanji tells AFROPUNK. “I discovered some old family photographs after my grandfather died, and I was blown away by the striking similarities in appearance that have manifested through the generations. I matched an old picture of my great great grandmother with a recent picture of my aunt and it was spot on. It gave me a newfound sense of pride and identity. I realize that for many black people in America, knowledge of self is a missing link because of the negative effects of colonization and slavery that have systematically stripped us of a sense of historical significance and belonging. My studies in African history began to overlap with my interest pop culture when I noticed that some of the photographs I’ve collected over the years resembled many of the black superstars we are fans of. I wanted our culture to be celebrated in the same way. We should be fans of our ancestors. I decided to create matchups of celebrities with their native African counterparts to show just how closely we are connected to our African roots, whether we realize it or not.”

See more of Jessi Jumanji’s work on Instagram.

1911 vs 2011 – Congo Native vs @mettaworldpeace37

1869 vs 2018 – Afro-Brazilian woman vs actor/comedian @realtracymorgan

1889 vs 1981 – Dakar, Senegal Native vs Rick James

1903 vs. 2015 – Algerian Kabyle woman vs @kylapratt

1907 vs 2017 – Andassa boy of French Congo vs Kodak Black @kodakblack

1930 vs 2017 – Congo Native vs. @fettywap1738

1885 vs 2014 Afro-Brazilian man (west African slave trade) vs. actor @djimon_hounsou (From Benin, West Africa)

1910 vs 2016 Egyptian man vs. @treysongz

1885 vs 2017 Afro-Brazilian woman vs @youngma ??✨✊?

1904 vs 2014 Senegalese man vs @danielkaluuya (Get Out/Black Panther)

1869 vs 2016 Afro-Brazlian woman of Bahia vs @aliciakeys

1889 vs 2016 Somalia native vs @asaprocky

1935 vs 2017 Eritrea Native vs @imanshumpert

1935 vs 2017 Somalia native vs @liluzivert

1918 vs 2012 Afro-Latino Brujo vs Dr Sebi @drsebiscellfood

1917 vs 2017 Rwandan vs @nipseyhussle

1915 vs 2018 Cameroonian woman vs Danielle Brooks @daniebb3

1902 vs. 2015 Uganda native vs. actor Michael K Williams @bkbmg (The Wire)

1896 vs. 2015 Baka woman vs. actor @johnboyega

1870s vs. 2000s Algerian woman vs. @sanaalathan

1912 vs. 2015 Algerian woman vs. @im.angelabassett

1916 vs. 2016 Annie Turnbo Malone vs. @michelleobama Annie Turnbo Malone, ” The Forgotten Entrepreneur” (1869-1957) A chemist and entrepreneur, Annie Turnbo Malone became a millionaire by successfully developing and marketing hair products for black women in St. Louis. She used her wealth to promote the advancement of African Americans and gave away most of her money to charity.

1927 vs. 2017 Madagascar Woman of Bara tribe vs. @lilyachty

1945 vs. 2013 “Straight Outta Georgia” Gangsta Granny vs. Gucci Mane @laflare1017 A black maid executed in Georgia in 1945 was granted a pardon by the state for killing a white man she said enslaved her. Lena Baker said she acted in self-defense, but a jury of white men convicted her after a one-day trial. Baker is the only woman to have been executed in the state’s electric chair.

1935 vs. 2013 Arkansas sharecropper vs. @realwesleysnipes

Blue Ivy vs. Native American girl,Hupa tribe (1910)


Once Upon A Time... ?

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