MUST READ: Doctor Narrates His Lovely And Scary Near-Death Experience

A certain doctor identified as Dr. Maxvayshia has taken to twitter to share his experience during his brief excursion to the land of the dead where he claimed to have experienced almost an opposite of what is been preached on earth as “Life After Death”

I will share it here someday maybe…..for those who care to listen.

Between 8pm and 9pm today when i am settled from work, i will share it. Just bookmark this tweet and wait pls. I hope you all benefit from this.

So it was around 1pm on the 30th of March, 2017, a week after i applied for the Job i am currently on. This day was supposed to be the day of my death. I had been ill for the past 48hrs. Yes, uncle brief illness, that guy, yea.

I was lying on my bed, very weak…

..after taking my meds. A few minutes later, it was like my soul was being sucked away from my body. Then and there, i knew this was it. I knew i was going. My journey on earth was to come to an end. I wanted to know the time of my departure so i checked my watch. I always have..

…my watch on. It was 1.04pm. Called my younger brother to give him my last (weak) words. They all watched helplessly as i was beginning to stretch. “Let’s take him to the hospital!!” I could hear my niece scream. With my last breathe, i whispered to my brother to tell Dad…

That it has been a honor walking this Earth alongside him. That i was proud to…. I didn’t finish the sentence before all went dark. I felt myself being sucked through a huge pipe seemingly filled with flowing clean water. It all happened fast. But something was not right….

I felt different. All i could hear was crying and wailing at a distance but here i was alone in a huge quiet beautiful hall. “Where am i oo?” What is this place? I looked around. No one. I proceeded to open one of the doors and i was seeing my room, my siblings shaking me up….

Tapping me to wake up. The body was me, dead, lifeless but i could feel the connection between i and that body, but here i was feeling lighter, much more alive. This body was sooo beautiful and bright. O didn’t like the lifeless one. “Ewwww”. I had mixed feelings….

Fear, anxiety and joy. Before i could even reach out to any of them to say i am here, i felt so sleepy and it was like i slept off for a few seconds.

I opened my eyes to a different scenario but still, at a distance, I could hear: “Get dad on d phone” but i was less concerned..

What caught my attention was where i was when i woke up. A whole world filled with beautiful children whose beauty, words on this earth cannot describe. The orderliness and sereneness of the meadows and landscape filled my breasts with indescribable peace and welcome…

I was of course generally confused. Where is this? Certainly not paradise ?

Everyone there was between the ages of 3 and 23. Among the flowers and gardens, i could see what our world would describe as gnomes, fairies. In my mind i was identifying them since i remembered…

That i was familiar with them in the movies on earth. Indescribably beautiful creatures. A lady approached me, with a smile on her face, carrying a basket of what looks like dairy products and exquisite fruits but they don’t look like what we have on earth here…

I mean, what is the most beautiful shade of red you have seen on earth? Beside these colours, our earth’s most beautiful colors look like badly mixed water colour. She asked me if i am new to this city. Very pleasant woman (i remember her face). I explained what had happened..

She laughed and welcomed me but asked if i was leaving immediately. In my mind was like “Are you for real?? Someone who doesn’t even know where he is. Lol. The surprising thing is that SHE COULD READ MY THOUGHTS! She smiled again and said i shouldn’t worry that they….

All passed through this phase when they died. I was shook. She said she would show me around. I then felt something tapping the nape of my neck, it was a FAIRY from one of the gardens. I said “Oh a fairy!” I looked around, they were many. The woman was a bit surprised that…

I knew about fairies and asked if i know all the species. I said well yes, to a fair degree. She told me to look up. It was then i saw that what we have here on earth as clouds were filled with fairies, gnomes, nixies, and the rivers were shiny. Water here is not like the water..

We have on Earth. No. The colours there, i believe cannot be painted of described by the best artists. I asked if this was paradise, the laugh from the children and everyone made me feel ashamed. They said this is Oakshire (spelt as heard), a plane of existence not far from…

The Earth and that paradise is still light years away from there. Omg!

She said she would take me to neighbouring cities. I wanted to start walking when i found myself with her in another exquisitely and indescribably beautiful city. I asked how we got here so fast….

She said here in this world, you just think about the place you want to be and you are there. As long as it is within that same plane. People here moved at the speed of thought!

As we were proceeded, i heard a very loud thunderous voice calling my name. It was my dad….

Who had driven from work distances away, driving like a mad man on getting to hear of my demise. He called my name in d name of the Almighty! The lady smiled again and said it looks like it is not yet my time. I said it is! I didn’t want to return!!

She said my time will come…

But it apparently is not now. But why? I felt more alive there than on that dirty earth. Lol.

Before I could reply her, a sharp light from just east of our direction opened up, like a portal and i was like sucked into it and it felt like i was caried on a sea of wool….

In a split second, i was back on earth. First face i saw was dad’s face with his hand on my forehead and sweating profusely. Apparently whatever he did zapped his strength. All of it. He then offered me a hand and said “Stand up son!”

I was both filled with joy and frustration..

Why bring me back??

I then noticed i couldn’t move my body. IT WAS ALL STIFF!!

See jubilation and relief, see hugs, painful hugs cos my body has still. I didn’t know how to use it anymore. I asked how long i had been gone, they said 45mins!! Brain dead. I couldn’t recognize…

Some faces and places in the house. I had to learn how to use my body again and recollect some faces and names. I was on brain drugs for a while.

Next day, i got a call that i was to come for discussion…..

Let me post these ones first before typing the concluding part….

So it was that my employer, the CEO of my organization, oblivious of what had happened and uncharacteristic of her, decided to interview me HERSELF. What a wawu! But the truth is, i recollected her and who she was but it was my brothers who actually tild me i applied to that…

Place for a job before i passed on. I had little recollection of Medicine or Surgery but i remembered i was a Doctor. I was just lucky she didn’t mention anything medical, i would have flopped big time even after passing the first interview and impressing her more….

Attitude-wise than expertise-wise. The whole scenario was just unbelievable and interesting. An experience i will never forget. I will take with me to the grave.

Anyone who tells you there is no life after death has sure deceived you and u either realise it now or later… your shock. Quoting the quran or bible verses wouldn’t change anything here. I do hope one or to people can gain something from my personal experience of death.

This is my story, my experience.

My story is told, my work is done. ✏️✏️

When asked if hell fire actually exist, he replied “Yes”


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