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Must Read! This Is How To Stop Your Jeans From Fading

Every woman has a favourite pair of jeans and it can be heartbreaking when it begins to wear out.

We know that clothes won’t last forever. But after spending that much money on a good pair of jeans, the last thing you expect is for the colour to just run out on you. Like how rude! But not to worry, we’ve cracked the code. We’re going to show you how to stop your jeans from fading. Ready? let’s get into it…

1. Don’t Use A Hard Brush

We can’t overemphasize this enough. Washing your jeans with a hard brush might be easier but it’s the fastest way to get it to fade. Plus, all that pressure is equally ruining the fabric. So please save the hard brush for your bathroom floor, and treat your jeans gently.

2. Don’t Wash With Detergent

Detergents are really great at removing stains from white clothes. But the ingredient that makes them so effective at stain removal actually fades out the colour from your jeans. So detergents might be easier because of how much they lather, but they’re bad for your jeans. Use a mild bar soap instead.

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3. Wash Inside Out

When washing your jeans, always turn them inside out. If you’re concerned that they won’t get clean, don’t be; they actually will. Denim do not retain stains that well so it’s not something to be worried about. But if there are specific stains, you can just spot clean with a toothbrush.

4. Dry Away From Direct Sunlight

This might surprise you, but the heat from the sun can actually fade out your jeans. After cleaning, try as much as possible to dry your jeans in a shaded area. They will take a longer time to dry but their colour will last longer.

5. Reduce Frequency Of Washing

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If you want to stop your jeans from fading then try to space out your wash days, especially with dark coloured jeans. It’s perfectly fine to wear them a lot before washing.



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