‘My Girlfriend Drank My Semen And Rubbed The Rest On Her Face’-Troubled Man Narrates

A visibly shaken man has taken to social media to reveal how his girlfriend of 8-months whom he met on Facebook drank his sperms and smeared the rest on her face after a s^xual encounter one night.

According to the guy, the lady visited him and demanded they make love which he hastily agreed. He said the lady asked him to ejaculate into a plate and what she did next with it shocked the hell out of him.

Read his full post: “I met my girlfriend on Facebook 8 months ago, she was quite beautiful, caring, and smart. We started chatting and then we fell in love so to say.

In order to see her, I asked her to come over to my place and she did. We had a long gist and then I took her on a date. The relationship started and was going well not until after 2 months of knowing her, she called me one day and said she was coming over.

She actually came and requested that we make love together, well I agreed but something happened afterward. She went to the kitchen and brought an empty plate and placed beside the bed and said Okay let’s start. I didn’t count it as anything, so I took off my dress and we started. To my greatest surprise when I was about to ejaculate, she immediately shifted and placed the plate underneath me.

It was spontaneous so I released in the plate thinking she didn’t want to get pregnant so wanted to put it in the plate and then throw it away. To my surprise, she actually drank the semen and rubbed the rest on her face.

I was scared to death and asked what that meant, she said I should not be scared that it was just to help her look fresh and avoid pimples. I believed it because she didn’t look suspicious and so we went on like that doing the plate thing for 6 months plus.

The major issue now is that I do have weird dreams these days and see her and when I wake I feel strange, coupled with the fact that people are saying am getting lean and drying up from inside. She has even left me o and blocked all my lines so I don’t reach her.”

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