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National Disgrace!! President Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra, Mocks Dino MELAYE Following His Controversial Debate On Channels TV

President Buhari daughter, Zahra appeared to be mocking Senator Dino Melaye  on her Instastories while Dino Melaye and Festus Keyamo were having a heated debate on Channels TV.

See what she posted below;

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  1. At your father’s age, it is expected that he should be resting and enjoying his retirement in Daura. What is he looking for at Aso Rock. Does he think he is the only credible saint to take Nigeria to the promise Land?

  2. You are not ashame to come up and defamed rubbish on Dino Melaye,who is 100% better than your pseudo father,who can’t coordinate the past,let alone the present and even the future that matters most to Nigerians.
    I wish you hide your face in shame

  3. Shameless thing you be Nigerian? wetin u know, u suppose mock ur father we no even get W A E C certificate. Ur father dey reason like a mad man, never u mock melaye. Unclean being .

  4. This girl just acted as if INEC also postponed her brain. Pls go and have a brain reset. Because, the last time I checked, ur pseudo father has never gotten any question right on any interview.

  5. I don’t expect wisdom from a foolish and illiterate daughter of a devil like you. You should’ve asked that question to your shameless father. We are waiting for you people. If you like postpone the election 100 times.

  6. Zahra u r a Useless bitch,yeye child,wetin ur papa do for Nigeria,isiewu,thunder kill u,with ur fish brain,corrupt people,u never talk about how ur useless father as a president be,u dey laugh person,if u like use anonymous curse us,u r just a fool with no brains.


  8. Mad people does not know anything about are always insulting your parents, to abuse our father is not a new thing for are doing more than that.

  9. Wawayi jakuna dabbubi ,,,,, ZARA kinyi dai dai,,, duk Wanda baya Jin hausa Chan tamatsi Masa…. Yan durun uwa … NIGERIA SAI BABA BUHARI.

  10. Only fools will say pmb because they have no plans for their future
    As of that fool course is shall go with you for insulting some one father so unto you (amen)

  11. Please my dear if you don’t like Baba why not bring your asshole papa come make am president? Who rubbish pass you, if it is somebody you won’t say a thing but because it’s Buhari’s daughter, you come dey talk rubbish!

    Let me ask you, to loot is to plan for civilians future right? All these people commenting bad things make we take them to hospital evaluate their brain, they are either PDP or Bokos.
    After all the N-Power money you don chop, after all the school feeding program dem dey use feed una pikins for primary schools irrational people dey abuse Baba ! Please what are you.
    Or do you want that drunk, boko haram pioneer money looter aka Goodluck to come back?
    You better grow o if not

  12. We no need illiterate as president, for Godsake nigga is d most populous African country, we need educationalist as president, let’s b honest for ones.

  13. Hope you read this comment because you created the post

    I agree your father is suppose to be a president but not human president
    He should be made president to cows not human ok

  14. Don’t mind this fools commenting negative, they will leave to see the next level we are talking about, NIGERIA SAI BABA.

  15. Sai atiku, now north is divided were is buhari getting the full support?? Am asking buhari supporters, atiku is getting full support from south south /south east zaku yi kuka ranar sati am from jada I lives in lagos buhari he is going back to daura on Saturday

  16. no one can stop atiku Kano divided sokoto devided south west devided buhari begins topark ur loads property as from to day leave aso vila Yan adamawa this is our turn

  17. what ever you are being called, you should b ashamed to head your face to the crowd cuz your father has failed us only God’s will spans this election even if your dad is still sworn in he alone has a reason

  18. Mr anonymous, I dont know you and dont want to, but you lack manners and wisdom is far from you, why insulting the lady plus her father? who bewitched you? You are insulting a president that is not your mate in all ramification, you can never be greater than who you critcise. why dont you shut your trap and vote whoever you like or are they forcing you to vote PMB?

  19. My people please who is that shameless girl?
    your father dead 2016 and you guys cover it, you non dey shame mumu like u like father like daughter

  20. When Zahra was campaigning for her dad 2015 many supported her and we’re happy to celebrate with her, but now some set of animals in human nature are saying nasty things because of her Father, why can’t you support your own father to become a president? Stop being jealous. 4+4= is d answer. Though I know the people talking trash but they can’t take anything from him Buhari because he’s destined to rule Nigeria and may b likely again, so wish someone well so that yours will be better.

  21. All the people dying everyday in the north your hrtless father can not fight them. Just enter Aba and waist innocent life that did not kill anyone. When he loss the election which will happen he will force the law and answer questions about how he killed them. “Four years tenure 3 year holiday”. Will don’t need him to give feed to your children. Will can feed them. No light, no work. But he call us lazy youth. Any young that has great plan for the future will not vote for your father. Cos an old person can not run like a youth. Let him go with DNT want next level. Because will don’t know wela it is next level of suffering or killing. By Saturday burhari must go back to the village. Back to farm. Let him go. President that suppose evil. A president that value cow Dan human life. Your father is a failure. He must leave that sit. N-power program is nonsense. Let him give us join. DNT give us fish but teach us how to fish. All the top office in Nigeria are head by funlani. Your friend wants to turn these country to a Muslim country. If I am not a Muslim I can not work in any group office very bad. DNT worry by Saturday your father must go. Give us money or bag of rice will not make us to vote for APC. Everybody in Nigeria is cry. When your father entered as president the death rate increase in a very high rate. He must go. APC is the must bad thing that has ever happened to Nigerian. Imagine entering business environment giving loan to women because election is on the way. Nigerian say no to bad thing (burhari). U better hide your face cos person are angry with your father. The other day people called him ole when he was campaign in the western part of Nigeria. Where is the money he recovered from politician that he probed. I don’t want to insult him but he is a lier. He told us lies. Cos I can not see one dollar turn to one naria. GJ government was enjoyable. God save Nigeria

    • Mumu,every point talks about atiku.
      4year tennor three year holiday,
      Lazy youth,dem no go work dem dey find why dem dey use dem buy benz

  22. Is not the matter of who she is or where she comes from. Talk more of the insults which are passed to her father which I considered highly inappropriate and dissapointing, indeed its really a shameful Thing to us Nigerians if a citizen from another country sees this, what an insult not even to our president but to us…. And what Mrs Zarah Muhammad Indimi did was not an issue is just because she is the daughter of the president that’s why some citizens are exagerating had it been another person it won’t be this chaotic and I believe every Nigerian has the freedom of free of speech and her being a citizen she was just passing a statement, her own opinion that’s it anyone can do it….. So please I think we should respect ourselves and stop with the swearings PLEASE!! THANK YOU

  23. Whether you like it or not young lady your father said it, that you belong to the kitchen and other room cos you are a man’s wife. So get the hell into the kitchen because you are not allowed to watch television.
    And for the Bubu supporters your time is up..

  24. Time shall tell, you will all get your answers on 23rd, beyond comments once the right owner of the seat adjust his sitting position.nemesis will catch up with those that have negative thinking about his leadership qualities.

  25. Where it part of moral home trianning if she was properly train very well she would have say that out of her mouth…

    What is beauty if there is no character….

  26. All those insulting are IGBO cuz the are fool enough anytin money sell ur Dada’s make 💰 stupid ppl u don’t worth pplz life, 2015 IGJ how many pplz die u don’t care na money u wan ur like donkey’s. Sai baba if justice is hunger we prepared to die like.

  27. Up Baba, for those who abused Baba buhari. Go back home you would hear your papa calling him Baba Buhari of Nigeria. Is a great pride to have him as nigerian. Must countries need someone like him.

  28. This old man (Baba Buhari) he has a better caoacity of taken our country to a better Nigeria. While the rest has a capacity of stealing our money, only a poolish nigerian will go against Baba Buhari, stupid idiot.

    • are you with your senses ,your father will be ruling you forever as a SON you can lead your father to confort state:you will be take pap from your parents no growth in you to take care of them is a shame .

  29. It was took 19 years for a PDP to destroyed our country so how can Baba recover it within 4 years? Even if na your papa would not do as like what Baba Buhari did for this four years.

    Baba Buhari PMB 4+4 + to the end of his life.

  30. is too pathetic that they that deserve to lead Nigeria were not given chance, well only those that rules are given chance the problems are still there ,oh what a shame to this Nation

  31. are you with your senses ,your father will be ruling you forever as a SON you can lead your father to confort state:you will be take pap from your parents no growth in you to take care of them is a shame .

  32. Zahra whatever you said is right because Dino malaye and his supporters they are not serious at all likewise they are not jealous their nation that is why they hate your father buhari who ever challenge you is idiot chimpanzee moreover buhari is the best leader he is the best among them i wish you all the best zahra and your entire family

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