OH MY GOD!! Check Out 14 Bomb-like QUESTIONS ATIKU Dares President Buhari To Answer

PDP Presidential Candidate and Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, has launched the #BuhariChallenge, with 14 questions to President Muhammadu Buhari on the achievements of his administration.

See the Questions below;

Name one project initiated, started and completed in the last three years by the Buhari administration.

· Name one youth in President Buhari’s cabinet.

· Name one campaign promise President Buhari has kept.

· Name one Southerner heading a National Intelligence Agency under Buhari.

· Name one terrorist arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned by the Buhari administration.

· Name one Buhari government official arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned by the Buhari administration over their many budget padding scandals.

· Name one member of the Buhari administration fingered in corruption that was fired, arrested and currently facing trial.

· Name one former President or Head of State that has not been blamed by President Buhari for the precarious state of the economy he led us into.

· Name one year that Nigeria’s GDP grew faster than her population under Buhari (for 16 years of PDP administrations, Nigeria’s GDP always grew faster than population growth).

· Name the initiatives the Buhari government has put in place to address Nigeria being named the world headquarters for extreme poverty under Buhari.

· Name one initiative the Buhari government has put in place to address Nigeria having the world’s highest number of out of school children (13.2 million according to the United Nations Children Fund).

· Name the date the Ogoni cleanup will begin.

· Name what President Buhari has done with the ₦13 trillion loans he has taken in 3 years (compared to the ₦6 trillion borrowed by the PDP in 16 years).

· Name the real owners of the Ikoyi Apartment billions.

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  1. The response given by government does not address the questions posed by Abubakar. Will the questions be answered or are Nigerians to assume that the submission which addressed agricultural issues sufficient an answer for the possed questions.

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