OMG!!! Cristiano Ronaldo Shades Messi After Winning The 2016 FIFA Best Player Award… ‘I’m Sorry Barcelona Aren’t Here!’

He’s A Savage! Barcelona Fans Won’t Like This!

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo admitted he would have liked to see his Barcelona adversaries in the audience as he lifted the 2016 FIFA Best Player award.

There were few surprises at the gala ceremony in Zurich as Ronaldo added the crown to the Ballon d’Or he was awarded back in December.

And during his acceptance speech, the Portugal captain pointed out that neither Lionel Messi nor the rest of the Catalan side were present to see him triumph.

“I would like thank very warmly all those that voted for me, the fans, the captains and the media. Thank you,” he beamed from the stage.

“I don’t really have anything to add, awards speak for themselves. I’m really, really happy.

“I’m sorry that some people from Barcelona aren’t here with us and that’s understandable but thank you to everyone. Thank you for what you’ve given me.”

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Ronaldo also thanked those closest to him for their support, while affirming that the past 12 months were a new high for him.

“It’s not the first time but this award is really for me the first time. I’m really happy, I’d like to thank my team-mates and of course the whole team of Real Madrid and the coach,” he said.

“And thank you for everything you’ve done. I’d like to thank my family, Gill, my brothers, my mum and my whole staff, 100 per cent.

And I tell you, 2016 was the best of my career. I had a lot of doubts but the trophy showed that I lived up to that and I was able to achieve what I could in the competitions.

“After the competitions I won I had no doubts that I’d be able to get it. It was a year that was magnificent on a personal level, at a sports level. I will never forget this wonderful moment.”

The 31-year-old striker triumphed in the Champions League with Real Madrid as well as Euro 2016 to convince voters he deserved the prize, beating out Messi and Antoine Griezmann.


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6 Responses

  1. BarcaRulz1 says:

    Why even mention Barca in his comments? He won a FIFA player of the year award and should not care about other clubs. But the fact remains for everyone to see, he is clearly obsessed mentioning Barca’s name for absolutely no reason and also thinks that beating Messi is more important than winning team awards.

  2. danger says:

    As a Barca fan I say that we should learn to appreciate reality. CR7 is a legend and congrats for tonight….

  3. Qoded says:

    I support you jawe @barcarulz , why mention Barcelona at the first place .. Oh wait he thinks is all about beating messi….tharrrr to be truthful you no fit play waitin messi dey play….everyone knows this but can’t just admit ronaldo is no where near messi..either you like it or not Leo is still the best …. Abeg up MSN…JOOR

  4. Josh says:

    @ Qoded I watched the out-of-this-world free kick messi scored yesterday against Sevilla and I just thought, I don’t think Ronaldo can do something as exceptional as this

  5. Qoded says:

    That’s just it @josh…the guy is born expectional ….I mean ronaldo is also a good player but very unfortunate to be in messi generation

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