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OMG! See This Crazy Pre-Wedding Photos People Are Talk About Online

This couple’s pre-wedding photos have got people talking online because the wife- to-be rocked a cleavage-baring slit gown which revealed some skin.

See more pictures below;


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  1. The lady body exposure is way too much for a pre wedding pics! My mom wouldn’t approve of such a lady… Then again that’s just me.

  2. Why are some girls so stupid…ur fiancee dress like a responsible guy and u are dressing like a harlot…..that’s too bad

  3. People sha, is it your pre-wedding shoot? *rolls eyes. The people that matter to her are not complaining. All these ones that don’t even know the girl are commenting yeye things, it’s not as if you’re less sinful than her. Mtchew.

  4. Is absolutely very bad for her to exposed her body like dis for a pre-wedding pix. But anyway is her body, her life, beside she’s with her fiancee n he never complain so why should anyone do. Let dem rock their world

  5. how is this any of our business, if the gal is comfortable in the dress and the guy doesnt see a problem with it really your opinion dont matter

    • Na waoo….why is it dat men that are supposed to dress naked are not dressing nake buh ladies. Well it depends on individual nd choice

  6. If the man is OK with the appearance of his wife to be I feel they should keep such picture to themselves and not post it to the public without expecting comments. Whatever people say should never offend them because they pasted for public scrunity and comments. Woman my African culture teaches me that those private parts are for your husband and not for any other man. The irony that the man’s appearance is very modest.

  7. What i like the most in those pictures is the Confidence. …the fiance is stylish and the lady is sexy enough to show that “look at me and only me” sense of style. BIG UP SISTER KEEP BEING SEXY FOR YOUR MAN AND HE’LL APPRECIATE YOU ALWAYS.


    That is why your men look for hotness outside marriage because once you get that man to be yours only you start acting like a granny….men always want to see the hotness and sexiness and if they don’t get tht frm you they go look outside.

  8. See bloggers u people should be mindful of d insensitive names u people caption stories.
    pls wats crazy in that pic ,is it ur bizz,are u guys related to her???
    Thats d other tym u guys gave a story stupid caption

  9. Woman dont know what is called private part again. The man cover reach neck and she now decide to tempt innocent me. wrong my dear

  10. I think if the husband isn’t complaining, it’s no man’s business.
    What if it was her husband that got the dress?
    Is it your wear, are you her? Is she you?
    You she are?

  11. You naysayers should mind ur fucking business. Her man saw her dress, liked it just d same, was well aware of d design & appreciated it enough to take pre wedding pictures with her and you all out there crying & shouting over her beautiful dress style??? Her man love the what’s ur fucking business?

  12. Dis blog ppl will jus post and tell ppl to comment. D next thing u know. everybody is fighting everybody. I think it is hot. What is hot for males is diff from what’s hot for females. For men is to look dapper, for women is to show some skin. As a man, if ppl no envy u becos of ur wife, U don lose. Wife wey go cheat go cheat. It has notin to do with dressing. Some dat cover everywhere do worse things.

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