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Pastor Adeboye, Makes Shocking Revelation About Singer Terry G… He Is Going To Preach To The World [MUST READ]

My Parents Still Don’t Like My Dreadlocks – Terry G

Terry G who recounted how Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God laid hands on his head and further told him that he was going to preach to the world, has disclosed that his parents still don’t like his dreadlocks.

According to the singer, it was quite difficult to convince his parents on doing music as they wanted him to portray the way of the Lord as the first child.

Terry G who also disclosed that he had to run away from their home, added that his parents never liked his dreadlocks and still haven’t changed their stance few years after. He told Saturday Beats;

“It was difficult for me to convince my parents to do music; I had to run away from home. They never wanted my dreadlocks and still don’t like the hairstyle; it is only my mum that fights for me. I am the first child so they wanted me to portray the way of the Lord.

“At the end of the day, we are all servants of God. Going into music wasn’t planned; Daddy Enoch Adeboye (General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God) has laid hands on me before, and he told me I was going to preach to the world. I wish social media was vibrant then. When I used to minister in the church, people fell under the anointing.”

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  1. If it is true that the man of God has laid hands on Terry g to become a preacher I have seen the sign through one of his track olorun tobi his pattern has change

    • God we serve doesn’t think the way humans do, yes if it had been said, non of His word will go undone….. Smiles, now I think it’s time, cos Daddy G. O had once said the one after him is still in the world…… God of wonders that does mysterious things.

  2. The word ‘then’ when you still preach in the church
    My advice to you is don’t ever leave God for world
    God will only count you important if you keep yourself important before him
    When God make a covenant to Eli and he derail, God change him 1samuel 2:30, Jer18:9,10

  3. Please note that you don’t need any laying of hands to declare the good news to the world. It’s the supreme task for every genuine christians

    • Nawaoooo for u ooo…
      Why Elisha no kuku MA sit down for house make Elijah mantle come meet him for his house nah..
      Go read book of Act.. How there was several laying of hands and after the laying of hands people began preaching the Gospel.. So weytin u dey talk here…
      God can replace anybody..
      Go ask Saul..

  4. Pls don’t get it twisted, God has replacement for everyone and there are different promises in the bible, that promise came to you because you are in His secret place, when God is interested in a man the also is interested in that man and he will bring different types of distraction such as worldiness, love of fame, love of money and soon just the same way he advertised all these things to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. God said in Jeremiah 18:9-10: And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom to build and to plant it; If it do evil in My sight that it obey not My voice then will I repent of the good wherewith I would benefit them.

  6. If only you can return to your Father as the prodigal son did, He is searching for men He will use make your self available with all your heart He will give you better slot than the one you lost the first time pls be wise what shall it profit Terry G if he gain the world and loose his i pray you will not loose your soul pls return to God and you will be glad you did

  7. Oh this has been the reason I see you different from other musicians I don’t know I have always respect this guy not because I love his musics…. Bro the hands of God is really upon u Pls make a U-turn it’s never too late….

  8. It’s better u serve the lord, don’t play with your life, forget all the worldly things & follow Jesus. The Bible says i will make you fisherman if you follow me.

  9. Terry is the most humble homeboy. His parents actually did a good home training on him. To me, the parents are enlightened and Terry is cultured.

    If you knew Terry when he never seen fame, you will agree with everything he said. But, I believe he knew who he personally wanted to carve out for himself from onset. He was never carried away but maintained a fixed gave on becoming a celebrity.
    I personally would like to see more entertainers of Terry’s species.

    When God will used him for His Church if so desired, it is gonna be great.
    Terry is real and have direction.
    Check out his trails! No trace.

    The writer is a professional profiler.
    Contact him by a reply.

  10. I believe God know the end from the beginning. If some men of God can still tell us that is the one that position buhari to rule over us. Terry never suck blood.

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