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Photo Of The Day!! Can You Allow Your Bride Wear This On Your Wedding Day… Ladies Can You Rock This?

Is this a wedding dress goes wrong or a strong lady showcasing her asset? whichever way the Pastor will have a lot to contend with.

Can you allow your bride wear this and to you ladies can you rock this on your day?

Drop your comments below.

Written by dare

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    • Birds of the same feather, even though your man is not complaining does it mean that your brain is dead? God is interested in your Spirit, Soul and BODY.

  1. Proople does things their own way and if you are never okay with others way of life, then watch your own way. They may not be the best afterall.

  2. This kind of dress show the kind of woman she is going to be inshort she must be going out after there weding because of her mode of dress I am not ipres

  3. This has really shown the world the kind of person she is and also the kind of life she live with the husband.
    Dear Singles and Married been naked in the public doesn’t make you you the most beautiful woman around.
    Please be decent in all your dressing, it has a lot to speak of you.

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