Photo Of The Day!! Can You Spot What Is Wrong With This Picture Of A SOLDIER Striking A Pose With Female Corper

A former female corps member shared a throwback picture of herself posing with an army officer during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) days in Anambra state. This photo has got people talking.

Can you spot what is wrong with the picture?


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47 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!! Can You Spot What Is Wrong With This Picture Of A SOLDIER Striking A Pose With Female Corper”

  1. Tosin says:

    wawu…. soldier wan knack

  2. Jemima says:

    And his manhood rose up

  3. Gaddafi says:

    Ey, u gat cut the crap, he aint no soldier, matter of fact, u both all need to define a soldier…..
    Next time, try to be more reasonable with your articles

  4. Abdullahi says:

    I think is not right postings this kind od pic on med

  5. WW11 says:

    Soldier never die

  6. TOPHY says:

    He is a man n he has to act as a real man

  7. Abdullahi naziru says:

    Yes me I support what he did as soldier he must need women like that one

  8. Mistatee says:

    Quote me sooner or later, he will commit at the camp cos his jogo is jogging already.
    *Confessions*-< At camp in jigawa state, I was having IREKSHONS like about 5 times every day. I don't blame anyone if they can't understand this embarrassing situation but it's totally normal for his Jogo wanting to peep.

  9. Gali sani waya says:

    Hhhhhhhhhhhh he is right he really need her help

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Shaev7 says:

    Join NNU today. Legit sure deal with your 1,600, you make your daily pay.

  12. Wiseman makwakwa says:

    It show us that this man have a feeling for that lady she take a pic with her

  13. MuhammadT says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Can’t spot a thing guy just has a natural big d that’s all

  15. Daniel says:

    that guy down does not know who is soldia… so soldia or not soldia…

  16. david says:

    He manhood bean go one side he ready to fire

  17. Anonymous says:

    Men with big this should wear a some thing free is so embarrassing

  18. Babafunmilola buraimoh says:

    It’s all quoated

  19. Annonymous says:

    Man gat to act like a man,,if somthing like dis didn’t ever happen to you wen standing wit a female friend u need to go and do checkup

  20. Thomas says:

    Dere is nothing wrong with the pic, he wore tied trouser does mean is manhood is man or acting bcos of d corper

  21. Fatima says:

    He is a original man,you can’t fight nature

  22. theyvid says:


  23. Victor says:

    This is one of the disadvantage of Tetron, I mean the cloth that the soldier is putting on.

  24. nathiza says:

    The man is very hard he need something

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Dahiru haruna yahaya says:

    Dahiru haruna yahaya

  27. Nyombi Abdulhakim says:

    so interesting

  28. Patrick says:

    This one super man, the man is still active, and sensitive.

  29. Auwal says:

    This is to show you people that, he is active all the times

  30. Anonymous says:

    Pls remove all this picture because of the younger ones,we should always respect our national uniform and know that those in uniform are human,they can make mistake.

  31. Obeid Chamba says:

    It’s real true

  32. Obeid Chamba says:

    It’s real true

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ma people let me tell u, dat man is very much alive & active

  34. Kefilwe says:

    Why it can not be published

  35. Buxz says:

    So what can a man do. When shows that he is much active, u say that is something wrong with him. And when man isn’t active like this one, u know what women say. He is just 100% a man

  36. Erick Ojoro says:

    mazee, we need to respect our body anytime, anyware . and stop stop taking nouncense pintures with no value in our life. sndly,media people should not point only on bad things but should adviced people on wtat to do, in such cases . otherwise, correction is needed to our friends

  37. RICHARD says:


  38. RICHARD AMOH says:


  39. The 3y3 says:

    Armed and dangerous

  40. Wiz Jackson Jr says:

    That is nice photo

  41. Gob says:

    The thing wrong here is the man wearing the trousers inside socks, not what you are all saying

  42. Joseph Wanjala says:

    he deserves it

  43. Johan nel says:

    I dont want to see your ad’s

  44. Dejosh says:

    The soldier man has a boner which is natural…

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