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Photo Of The Day!! Curvy Lady Shows How To SEXILY Worship God In CHURCH [PHOTOS]

A Curvy lady has been making the rounds online and it has got to do with the pictures she took during church service on Sunday.


The young lady attended the first service of the year in style and decided to take pictures in the church which she posted online, and she calls her posture the best way to sexily worship God.

Drop your opinions about the pictures.

See more pictures below;

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  1. God forbid..Its not stated that shez a prostitute….dont judge …and even if she is, i thnk its ok,koz shes repenting her sins …God came for the sinners not the righteous…

  2. I think respect is a two way path.She should have dressed decently and her talking of sexily is nonsense..its not adding up at all in church for heavens sake!Look for a brothel but not where respect is deserved

  3. prople shud stop judging…and send prayers to AllMighty for such things not to happen inside church but..some ppl they just want attention not knowing how will they get it so its ohk i guess the lady still younf mentaly but she will grow eventualy

  4. With that bum up in the air, it’s very tempting for many guys at church. So no no no. Her worship must be appropriate if to be done in public.

  5. why is it thay the comments made by males are sexual this lady is a representation of God in his image, she could have been naked in the house of God. Men of God pray that you are not lead into temptation…. Come as you are…

  6. Most of are saying she’s a prostitute bruh bruh bruh!!! KIKIK how do you know?…. Do you k is what led her into that church?… Do you know what she’s been or going through?…. Don’t judge before you are judged

  7. Eish . Holly place needs to be respected. Ladys mustn’t dress anyhow because they are not alone. What about men? Think of others while you busy with your sexily dressing. We are human being out feeling respond in variety ways.

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